gtx 780

  1. ThatGuyWhoCouldFly

    Is my PC capable of running OS X Mavericks?

    Hey everyone! I'm very interested into turning my PC into a Hackintosh and have two operating systems on my computer. I'm just curious if these specs are compatible with OS X Mavericks? Asus Rampage IV Extreme Mobo Intel i7-3930k EVGA GTX 780 3GB OCZ 360gb SSD LG Blu-ray drive I think a...
  2. nikolas713

    The Nightbeast | Sabertooth X79 | Core i7-3930K | EVGA GTX 780

    Nightbeast: Sabertooth X79 - 3930k - EVGA GTX 780 ACX Components Motherboard: ASUS Sabertooth X79 LGA 2011 Cpu: Intel Core i7-3930K Cpu...
  3. Sergio29

    Gigabyte gtx 780

    I was thinking about buying gigabyte gtx 780 3gb and i want to know if it's compatible with mavericks or mountain lion,and what to do to make it work.
  4. mvenom101

    [Success] Robbies' Asus Sabertooth x79, i7-4930K, MSI GTX 780 Dual-Boot Hacktintosh

    [Success] Robbies' Asus Sabertooth x79, i7-4930K, MSI GTX 780 Dual-Boot Hacktintosh I post this in gratitude of all the help I was able to receive for my build issues by users on the forums both on the tonymacx86 website and on others, such as, with the aims that it might help...
  5. WikiB

    Sorting My Build - GTX 780 | i5 4670K | ASUS Maximus VI Gene*

    Hello :) I am in the final process of selecting my components of my build. Was hoping for someone to double check everything is compatible (have done this many times myself, just need second opinion) Specs are: RAM - Corsair Vengeance Pro Series 8GB 1866 CL9 Monitor -...
  6. devicevis

    Can't get past the White Apple Screen

    First time hackintosh. I'm not able to get past the white apple screen and am not sure where to turn. Here is what I've got i7 3930 sabertooth x79 evga gtx 780 32 gb of ram 256 gb ssd Need some help please!
  7. devicevis

    Can't get to install.

    This is my first hackintosh. From boot and "GraphicsEnabler=no" It goes to the white apple screen. I can't get past this and am a noob to the hackintosh process. Here is what I have: evga GTX 780 Sabertooth X79 i7 3930 Any help would be greatly appreciated
  8. DaSeeka

    Uninstalled Nvidia Web Drivers, Now Stuck on Apple Loading Screen!

    Hey y'all, Recently picked up a EVGA GTX 780, understanding that it had some risks involved but I do a lot of gaming and everything I read about didn't seem like it would hurt my Hack workflow very much (10.8.3). Anyway, got it installed fine on PC and mac (somewhat, little things were...
  9. tonyvm

    Dual GTX 780 performance

    I'm a video editor/ex-IT guy. Beginning last month I bought a ASUS GTX 780 DCII OC. Everything worked great, then I read this: Here are my scores for a single GTX 780: - FCPX Gaussian blur: 24 sec. - Triple fx: 45 sec. - Luxmark: 1382 Today my second GTX...
  10. zic10

    GTX 780 Mavericks Crashing Xcode

    Hi, I was wondering if someone could help me with a problem. I've completed my hackintosh build buying recommend parts off the list. I built the machine without buying a graphics card first, to validate that all the other parts don't have compatibility/defect issues. So far so good. I took a...
  11. hackthismac

    i73930k, P9X79, GTX 780 Will it work???

    Hey! anyone can tell me if that will work? any feedback about potential problems/solutions would be amazing! Running Mavericks, i7 3930k, ASUS P9X79, EVGA GTX 780, 32Gb RAM- Corsair DP 2133 Mhz, OSX on 2x256Gb SSD 840 Pro (RAID0) + Win7 on 128GB SSD 840 Pro, few extra hard drives, power etc...
  12. sup3rsimplicity

    Won't finish USB drive (w/ full log)

    Can't get the full log in here :( ill copy the newest events if you need more i can go farther back. Also this build is the Maximus V Formula, i7 3770k, and GTX 780 SC:banghead: Thank you so much for the help in advance! Dec 26 19:08:26 Bryons-Mac.local Software Update[1017]: SoftwareUpdate...
  13. yoshiii

    Wlan, Bluetooth Z87X-OC Force / HDMI Audio GTX 780

    Hi guys I built a Tonymacx. Here is my hardware: Intel Core i7 4770K BOX, 3.5GHz, LGA 1150, 4C/8T, unlocked Gigabyte Z87X-OC ATX FORCE EVGA GTX 780 3GB GDDR5, PCI-E x16 3.0 Corsair Vengeance 8GB RAM 4x 1600 MHz (CMZ32GX3M4X1600C10) Samsung SSD 840 EVO Basic, TLC, 1TB Now I would like to...
  14. sirkru

    GTX 780 WindForce OC (rev. 2.0) problems

    Hello guys, really need your help! Sorry for my bad english, but i try to explain the situation. I have a GTX 780 WindForce OC (rev. 2.0) and before buy this read about it on «osx86oroject» - I attached a screenshot. From this I realized that there should be no problems. But there are...
  15. Noam

    GTX 780 compatibility

    Ive heard that there are some compatibility issues with the gtx 780. Can you please explain them to me? Thanks a lot!
  16. backspacek11

    Nvidia Drops Prices to Compete with R9 - 780 for $500 and 770 for $329

    ​Nvidia is set to begin dropping pricing on GTX 780/ 770 to compete with AMD's R9 series. The yet to be released 780 TI is intended to compete with AMD's R9 290X, which some have called the "Titan Killer". The 780 TI will be taking the 780's price of $649, while the R9 290 is rumored to cost...
  17. leodaniel

    Editing and decent gameing Dualboot Hackintosh

    Hi I'm really new here and I never build a Hackintosh. I personally own a MacBook pro and now I decided to build a Hackintosh. So because I have no experience, I first want to know if my build will be compatible for a DualBoot System. Feel also free to give me some advice if you would change...
  18. UN17

    Has anyone had a successful build with GTX 780 on LGA 2011?

    I have a desktop with the following specs: GAx79 UP5h LGA 2011 Motherboard Intel 3930k Galaxy GeForce GTX 780 Does anyone know if this has been hackintoshed? If so, any advice? Any information will be helpful.
  19. UnoriginalXIII

    Maximus VI Impact Mac Compatibility

    I recently saw a thread where someone used an ROG board in a mac build I was wondering if I would be able to use the maximus vi impact? If I build a hackintosh I will probably use EVGA Hadron Air, Intel i7 4770K, EVGA GTX 780(reference design), Corsair Dominator Platinum 16GB 2133MHZ CL9, 2...
  20. Lung2k5

    The Haswell-Hackintosh-Paradox

    Hey Guys, since OS X 10.8.5 comes with native Support for the Haswell processors, I wanted to replace my Old i7-920 hacki with some new und fancy stuff. FYI: Battlefield 4 is the main reason for the 780GTX. I’ve waited for the september buyer’s guide to come, but I think, this time it will...