gtx 750 ti

  1. BloxMaster3

    Toshiba satellite a665-s5170 intel i7-640m exp gdc gtx-750ti error 12

    Hi, I'm trying to run an EXP GDC ExpressCard gtx-750ti on a Toshiba satellite a665-s5170 with an intel i7-640m and wondering if it's even possible to run exp GDC on it. I'm currently getting an error 12, not enough resources after trying. I am running windows 10 if that helps. I tried the DSDT...
  2. dragon395

    << Solved >> New install, but I don't know how to get graphics working properly

    Hey everyone! Been using Apple/MacOS for years now on official hardware, but I've decided to install a Clover boot on i7/GTX 750 Ti because of the speed. I've installed everything correctly and it's running fine, but I can't find any drivers or anything to get my GTX 750 Ti running properly...
  3. onygan

    GTX 750 Ti maybe lagging my hackintosh ?

    Hello, i'm a new in Hackintosh world. I'm having a lag problem on my system, i searched in the internet and i could see that it may be the driver version of my GTX 750 Ti that i am using. I'm currently using the latest update for CUDA and Web Drive. CUDA 418.163 and Web Driver...
  4. alexdimo

    [Solved] Sierra won't boot with GTX 750 Ti, neither with Web Drivers nor with nv_disable=1

    Hi, I'm facing a problem that I can't seem to overcome. I am trying to make an EVGA GTX 750 TI card work with my Sierra installation. I've successfully installed the Nvidia Web Drivers (they are correctly enabled on the config.plist), but I can't boot into the OS with the 750. The booting...
  5. FireAlarm321

    [Solved] Sierra Upgrade from El Capitan Help

    Hi, I just installed el capitan on my new hackintosh build, but I have a problem when trying to upgrade to sierra. When I boot from the installer, it gets stuck at <Warning> service exited with abnormal code: 1. I tried nv_disable=1 and the samething happens, I upgraded to the first clover...
  6. jasonaldrich

    Can I install hackintosh on my rig?

    Hello everyone, I am really new in here, I need your advice! Can I install hackintosh on my rig? this spec that I got : Motherboard : Asus P8H61-M LE Processor : Intel Core i5 2500 Graphics : Digital Alliance Geforce GTX 750Ti Can I install it? I ask my friend that 750Ti doesnt perfect for...
  7. deniscabaldi

    [Success] Xeon x5460 775 High Sierra 10.13.5 (Legacy)

    Hello, after a lot of troubleshooting i finally booted the system in HS 10.13.5 using legacy Clover. OS: HS 10.13.5 (17F77) [ WHAT IS WORKING? ] CPU: ok Audio: ok Ethernet: ok Nvidia GTX 750ti: ok USB: ok Appstore: ok [ HARDWARE ] CPU: Xeon X5460 3.16ghz (771 modded to 775) - OC: 3.84ghz...
  8. WindowsUser546

    [Solved] EVGA GTX 750 Ti Not Working

    I got El Capitan installed with everything working except for the graphics. I've installed the Web Drivers and have nvda_drv=1 as this is El Capitan. I've tried everything, I've tried: (Method #6) Installed...
  9. WindowsUser546

    [Solved] GTX 750 Ti Not Working

    I've installed Sierra using Unibeast and have used Multibeast to get it to boot from the hard drive. I'm trying to get my GTX 750 Ti working on my Dell Optiplex 790 Hackintosh and I've installed the web drivers and I have NvidiaWeb on in my config.plist. I have also downloaded the EmuVariable64...
  10. ElCapitanWOW

    Pentium G4560 and a 750 Ti - Can I Hackintosh my main rig?

    Hi, still kinda new to the forums, please don't eat me. I've read the instalation guides for Sierra and High Sierra extesnively so I am pretty familiar with the process. Instead of making a Hackintosh (which I am still in the process of doing) I thought I could save some money and just install...
  11. AndyMacx64

    Help with Sierra Vanilla (Post-)Installation: ASRock Z77 Pro4 / i7 3770

    Guys, I'm really desperate... I got my hackintosh running for years (first under Mountain Lion, Maverick, Yosemite and last El Capitan). Now I bought a new SSD (500GB) and wanted to install macOS Sierra. And nothing works: I installed Sierra via UniBeast. But the Post-Installation with...
  12. slim.jim

    [Solved] Sierra 10.12.5 GTX 750 TI problems

    What exactly is the problem you are having? We need that info, otherwise we are just throwing out solutions to an unknown problem. If you are using HDMI then I would suggest searching the forum for issues specifically with Asus GTX 750/750ti cards and HDMI.
  13. the_gael

    Only 30hz refresh rate - Sierra 10.12.5 - nVidia GTX 750TI - 4K Panasonic TV

    In Mac OS I only get 30hz when screen is driven at 3840x2160. I have a triple boot system with Mac OS / Windows 10 / Elementary OS When I boot into Windows 10 my refresh rate is 60hz when resolution is set to 3840x2160. I would like to achieve 60hz in Mac OS as well. I suspect this must be a...
  14. kwaigon

    [SOLVED] Nvidia web drivers won't load (Sierra, GTX 750Ti, GA-170M-DH3, i56600K)

    Hi, sorry for posting but I'm kinda stuck, I have this new config: MB: Gigabyte GA-Z170M-DH3 Intel Core i5-6600K 8 GB Ram Asus Geforce GTX750Ti I installed OS Sierra but I cannot make Nvidia web drivers to load. I tried "everything" including this...
  15. thmsrock

    VGA working, HDMI/DVI not Asus GTX 750 Ti

    Hello, I can't solve this. I just got another monitor, but only VGA is working and I have one port. - When I use VGA : osx boots, the apple logo shows up, the bar loads halfway through, then a black screen appears for 1 second. After that the bar finishes loading and boom I'm in and it works. -...
  16. thmsrock

    El Capitan graphics issues Asus Nvidia GTX 750 Ti

    Hey guys, I can't get my graphic card to work properly, This is what the System Report says : Display: Type : GPU Bus : PCIe VRAM (Total) : 8 Mb (isn't that supposed to be at 2 Gb ?) Vendor : Nvidia (0x10de) Kernel Extension Info : No Kext Loaded Display : Resolution : 1920 x 1080 The screen...
  17. ah900090

    what is good bootloader

    what is good bootloader for GA-H110M-S2PH,CORE I5 6400, GTX 750 TI I INSTALL os x10.10
  18. Hyst3rical

    Dual monitors not working on Sierra (750Ti)

    Hey guys, I finished my Sierra Hackintosh/Windows dual-boot and so far it's been amazing. Everything works perfectly, except for one thing: dual monitors. So I have two 1080 Acer monitors and they work fine together in Windows but in Sierra what happens when I plug in the secondary one the...
  19. PresidentEvil

    screen flickering after successfully install of sierra

    So after installing sierra and using multibeast the screen has a flickering effect and it seems to lag. My CPU is a Xeon so it has no integrated graphics im using a GTX 750 TI and this card ran fine when I was on Yosemite. I downloaded the drivers from nvidia but when I set it to use them the...
  20. ichris93

    GTX 750 TI, Sys. Def. 17,1, Sierra Black Screen

    Last night I tried to upgrade to the GM Sierra release. Before updating, my El Capitan setup was working flawlessly. After updating, I had to add a new patch to get the WiFi to work, but I still cannot get the NVIDIA web drivers to work properly. Also had to make some changes to get audio...