gtx 6xx

  1. Bengordon

    Hackintosh does not wake up from sleep

    Here are my specs- intel i5 3570k gigabyte ga-z77-ds3h 1 tb hard drive GTX 650 Ti Boost 2Gb SC The sleep worked fine when i was running the intel hd 4000 graphics but when I installed my graphics card it no longer works. Everything else works great its just after I put it to sleep I have to...
  2. hollowed01

    10.8.3 EVGA GTX 660 (NON-TI) Stuck on Apple boot logo

    10.8.3 EVGA GTX 670 Stuck on Apple boot logo Recently I purchased a 660 gtx for my hackintosh and before i installed the card i made sure I updated to the new 10.8.3. Turned off and installed the card. I am able to get into the hackintosh using -x but otherwise the it gets stuck on the apple...