gtx 1060

  1. LielZ

    Laggs High Sierra GTX 1060 3GB Intel i7-7700

    Hi, Im new on this, its my first Hackintosh and everything works perfect. but... I have some laggs especially on videos Youtube and Resize windows, in the video I run Safari but on Google chrome its worst. NVIDIA WEB DRIVER 387. Chipset Model: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 3GB...
  2. israelmuca

    GTX 1060 Black Screen on 10.13.6 (17G7024)

    Hey folks, Thanks for your constant help and awesome tools. I'm currently doing a build for a friend and it's working great, except for the Graphics. What I did: Did my install per the guide, used Clover and some tips from this thread from a user who has very similar hardware to mine. Did a...
  3. papadiche

    Toggle VoodooHDA + Mount EFI

    Hi all, I'm sure no one will need these scripts but I built them and thought I'd share. For each file, remove .txt and run the following command in Terminal: sudo chmod u+x <path of script file> Toggle VoodooHDA: > Mounts your macOS EFI > Checks if VoodooHDA.kext is in...
  4. jamezhamez

    Nvidia GPU only works on HDMI external display

    On my hackintosh build, I've installed the web drivers and everything is working (I think...). However, the GPU only connects when I connect an external display into my laptop, does that mean if I want to run apps using the GPU I have to use it only on the external display? I have a Xiaomi...
  5. critfame

    Can I install MAC OS on my setup

    Hello guys, my system is: - ASRock H87 Pro4 motherboard - i5-4440 CPU - GTX 1060 6GB Would I be able to run Mojave, High Sierra or even Sierra?
  6. MojoGamerz

    Solved > No entry / prohibited symbol half way through boot - High Sierra

    Hi, So my USB installer works perfectly fine (created with UniBeast). I can also launch the installed OS X via the USB. I have re-installed 3 to 4 times now. My first approach I followed the guide using multibeast and tried rebooting, no luck, no entry symbol. Second, I installed Clover, no...
  7. chanster

    GTX 1060 Graphics Not Able to Boot Into Hackintosh 10.12.6

    Hello My Machine config is : Intel Core i5 9400F Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Pro Wifi 8GB x 2 Corsair Vengeance DDR4 3000 mhz Ram Zotac GTX 1060 Amp! Edition 6GB Graphic Card 1TB Seagate Baracuda Hard Disk Corsair Spec Delta Atx Cabinet In the above mentioned config system, i have been successfully...
  8. NiKroMaze

    Problem with High Sierra installation.

    Hello guys. Before I start, I want to apologise for my bad English. Today I just finished making my usb with unibeast 8. When I tried to install Macos High Sierra, the apple logo showed and loaded a bit, then just freezed. I followed the instructions and settings, I tried it few times but it is...
  9. filippo0002

    Clover error post update

    Hey guys, what's up? Specs: i78700k, aorus gaming 5 z370, gtx 1060 6gb, ssd samsung evo 850 evo 250gb, OS high sierra 10.13.3 So i had a bit of trouble recently with my hackintosh... I was trying to install windows 10 on another drive on the machine and by error i took out the windows bootable...
  10. igorenya

    GA-Z87X-OC, GeForce GTX 1060, Sierra install process

    Hi there, I just want to share my experience in installation of Sierra OS on Gigabyte's Z87X chipset. Here is my config: CPU - i7-4790K MB - GIGABYTE GA-Z87X-OC (sound Realtek® ALC892) RAM - 16GB (2*8) 1600Mhz DDR3 SSD - Kingston SV300S37A/120G Video - GeForce GTX 1060 Display - BenQ G2420HDB...
  11. axcell2

    Macos high Sierra dual monitor

    I did installed the mac high Sierra on my windows pc.. I have problems detecting my second monitor from the gpu gtx1060 6gb the Nvidia drivers are working fine but my second screen on dport and on hdmi does not work no signal at all.. my main display is on dvi btw.. I uploaded my config.plist...
  12. batmanhideout

    High Sierra issue with Audio & Clover

    My specs cpu i5 -7500 mb- Asus strix b250f Gpu - Asus GTX 1060 3gb Dual fans Moniter SE2718H (with Speaker) HDMI via gpu OS- High Sierra 10.3.6 (17G65) Nvidia Driver (387. Working CUda Driver (396.148)- Working Ethernet I219v, IntelMausiEthernet v2.3.0 - Working Sound ALC 1220A...
  13. Lucas.bernardi

    Is this a good "easy to install MacOS" hardware?

    I'm going to buy a full PC from scratch next month and I'm looking forward to install macOS. However, I'm currently a hackintosh virgin, and, although I followed the "Buyers Guide", I want to be sure that the current hardware I have in mind is actually the best for installing it. I'm going to...
  14. florianforte

    Nvidia 1060 but only 7mb showed

    Hello, I have an Asus laptop : Strix Hero II : CPU: Intel Core i5-8300H GPU: Nvidia Geforce GTX 1060 (6Go VRAM) Ram: 8Go BUT, « About this Mac » show : Intel UHD Graphics 630 7 Mo I read that 7mb meant that Nvidia was disabled but I have Nvidia Web Driver selected in the settings (and...
  15. drpidude

    Help updating from Yosemite (10.3.3) to Mojave on a Gigabyte Z77-UD5H board

    I put together my customac years ago. The same rig has been running windows for the last few years, and a family memeber was using it. There was a drive in the computer that I had labeled "osx" with a piece of tape. I tried plugging it in, not expecting much, but to my surprise, it successfully...
  16. ELMTREE95

    First Hackintosh build - GT710 working.....GTX 1060 not so much

    I followed this guide to get my first hackintosh running High Sierra loaded ( Loaded the NVIDIA webdrivers in prep for using my Gigabyte Windforce GTX 1060 6GB card and followed the...
  17. paxonicyt

    Need Help with Patching DSDT/SSDT (Disable Discrete GPU)

    Hello, I have absolutely no clue how to patch my DSDT/SSDT and since I don't have a second Mac I cannot patch it myself. I would appreciate if someone (maybe RehabMan) could help me. I have a (broken) GTX 1060 and an Intel HD iGPU. There is no option for disabling the broken GTX (which is still...
  18. Simontt

    Black screen - GTX 1060 in high sierra 10.13.6

    Hello everyone, I have been working on Hackintosh my dell precision T3610 for a long time. now, I have high sierra os. everything seems normal. However, when I try to use webdriver, always meet the black screen problem. I have tried many ways, use Lilu.kext and...
  19. kylemusic26

    New partitions created on every shutdown.

    Hi guys, This is really getting on my nerves. For some reason im having a problem with mounting my efi partition. Whenever i boot into hackintosh my efi partition is unmounted. I followed a video on how to mount efi partition so i dont need my usb, but it seems that the partition unmounts...
  20. chris1705

    Which graphics card to get?

    Hi, I recently built my first Hackintosh and its running great. For the beginning I used the on board graphics of my i5 6600k. Now I think about getting a new graphics card. So my question: Which graphics card would you recommend for buying? I thought about getting a GTX 1060 (for price...