gts 450

  1. wanglinjie168

    can gts 450 work on high sierra?

    Guys, I installed the high sierra successfully by following the installation guide . But the login window background is gray. And only work with nv_disable=1 . Does gts 450 supported natively? How make it work. I do many things follow the advice. But failed. Help please.
  2. spencerw

    Installing Lion with GTS 450

    Apple boot screen flashes for a second Hello, First off, thank you immensely. I really appreciate this site. I'm having trouble installing Mac OS X Lion. I purchased parts from the June 2014 CustoMac Budget (ATX) list, except I kept my old NVIDIA GTS 450 and SATA hard drives. My build is: -...
  3. phil_garner

    Gigabyte H77M-D3H Sparkle GTS 450 1GB Mountain Lion WORKING!!!

    I have just finished installing on this machine and found it to be stable so far. WARNING: Install with onboard graphics first as I just got a black screen after the apple splash screen!!! I didnt install the graphics card till after the initial installation. Set SATA mode to AHCI in BIOS...
  4. JayDar1982

    Mavericks does not support GTS450's, I need a new graphics solution.

    So I just recently updated my hack to Mavericks but my GC will not work under the next OSX. I have two GTS 450's and was only able to install and boot while entering npci=0x3000 at the boot screen. Right now everything is working but graphics so I am looking for a new solution. I edit a lot...
  5. ivoanathema

    GTS 450 GA-Z68P-DS3 Core i7 Sandy Bridge 3,5 Ghz

    GTS 450 GA-Z68P-DS3 Core i7 Sandy Bridge 3,5 Ghz Mavericks Black Screen of death Hi all, First of all thanks for the wonderful work instruction for installing MacOS using unibeast+multibeast. I am using a Hackintosh with Mac OS X Lion for about a year or so and it works PERFECT. My question...
  6. nortex

    GTS 450 - Freezes in full sized game windows

    [SOLVED]GTS 450 - Freezes in full sized game windows Hello guys! My specs are: GA-Z68P-DS3 Bios Version F9 Intel icore-5 Nvidia 450 gts After a lot spent hours i finally installed my OS Mountain Lion 10.8.2. everything works perfectly, the graphic cards works good too, but there...
  7. Jinjaninja1

    Please tell me whether the following hardware is compatible with ML

    Please tell me whether I'll have any issues once I install OS X ML with following Hardware :-? MOBO: Intel DH67CL (There's no user DSDT for this mobo so I'm planning to run "Easybeast" inside "multibeast" .Hope this is fine) RAM: 16GB DDR3 CPU: Core i7 Sandy Bridge 3.4Ghz Graphics: NVIDIA GTS...
  8. bassboy360

    nvidia GTS 450

    Looking at buying some parts for my first build but I was wondering if I can use my existing Nvidia GTS 450 Graphics card on Mountain Lion? I did a search but couldn't find a straight answer, it seems some people have tried but had troubles with them a few months ago.
  9. itech

    I need full GTS 450 or HD 3000 support with ML

    Hey Hackintoshers, I need some help getting my gpu working. When I boot into Mountain Lion (ML) 10.8.2 with my GTS 450 My monitors goes to sleep. When I boot with the Integrated Graphics, I have no loaded kext . I have tried setting the system definition to mac mini and macbook 8,1 still...
  10. insane1101

    Black screen after apple-logo when installing

    Hello there, I started a project to add OSX 10.8 to my computer. I made a USB-Drive with unibeast and the OSX Lion Installation disk (I did this on a OSX Lion virtual machine in windows 7). But when i restart my pc and try to boot to the USB-Drive, the apple-logo shows up and after a short time...
  11. the_unknown

    Geforce GTS 450 + Mountain Lion Kernel Panic

    Ok, here are my specs- Gigabyte GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3 Rev 1.3 Sandy Bridge i7 2600k (not overclocked) 16gb Vengence RAM Asus Geforce GTS 450 OS 10.8 So, I need some help guys as i'm fairly now to the hackintosh world. I had my system running on lion perfectly using multibeast for all the...
  12. renet

    EVGA GTS 450 on Mountain Lion

    Hi, my problem is that i can't make work the GTS 450 1gb graphics card in mountain lion? when i boot with these card it stuck into NVenabler:probe:rom shadow enable, in lion i make it work with rboot. i try in chimera 1.10 and chimera 1.11. When i boot with my integrated graphics (intel GMA...
  13. singj

    Nvidia 550Ti Sleep / Wake / Freeze Thread

    Nvidia Fermi Sleep / Wake / Freeze Thread I've posted in several places that I had my 550Ti working OOB in Mountain Lion. Well, I see now that it's not true! I am having such severe difficulties that I had to revert to a backup of Lion. Something is seriously broken with this card under ML...