1. lamacchiacosta

    Graphic card for Sierra (Old one is GT520)

    Hi everyone, I just installed Sierra and I can see that my actual graphic card, NVidia GT520 won't work. I am then looking for advices to buy a new one that work with it. I am using usually two monitors (maybe three in the future), for audio and photography, no gaming. so I am wondering if the...
  2. greenflash

    Advice on method to install Yosemite on Optiplex 790sff

    Hi everyone, I'm a newbie trying to install Mac OSx on an Optiplex 790sff. I've tried several ways to do it without success. So I wanted to start from scratch with Yosemite, since I have the Apple installer available. From what I've read it seems the main issues are audio (not so important) and...
  3. jorgevaldespino

    No Boot without nv_disable=1

    Well, that's the thing i can't boot successfully without the flag nv_disable=1 I already try nvda_drv=1 and the new NvidiaWeb Flag but no one can help, if use them get an apple screen stuck at half. I know my GPU is a little old, but hope some support. Please help
  4. SashankS

    Audio will only play through Headphones

    Hey everybody! First of all, to anyone who's reading this: Happy Holidays! Now, to my problem: I have an almost completed Hackintosh: Internet, display, graphics, bootloader, usb, hard drives, everything works flawlessly. Everything, that is, except Audio. My config is: Mobo: Asus P8Z77-v LX...
  5. odrade

    Snow Leopard Graphics Card Choice

    Hey Guys. I'm getting to the point when I am almost ready to build. I will be building a Hack running SL 10.6.8. i don't really care about updating to Lion of MLion, my main reason for the build is for high res digital painting with PS CS6. I have been acquiring parts over the last few...
  6. bcos

    nVidia GT520 On-Off Problems in Lion/Mountain Lion

    Hello guys... I've got myself a nice, working hackintosh, two actually, one is i5+h61 motherboard, other is old c2d+asus p5g41 motherboard, and I've had a ton of problems with getting my graphic cards to work... so, I bought Gigabyte GT520, which has native support in Lion, installed it, card...