1. migigenDK

    Quadro detected and working but backgrounds glitchy

    Hey y'all Recently I sold my gpu, and have temporarily gone back to my old gpu a Nvidia Quadro 2000. Got it installed and changed the efi a bit to get it to post and be reconiced in the system. Happy days (sort of) while it works, the are many glitches in the background that also appears in...
  2. veghead42

    [Solved] No Graphics after 10.10.3 upgrade

    I've been happily running a custom box with a GA-797X-UD5H motherboard and an Nvidia GT 740 graphics card (EVGA GeForce GT 740 2GB FTW). After installing the 10.10.3 upgrade, my setup was working but I was seeing a lot of instability with the onboard NIC. So, I re-ran MultiBeast (settings listed...