1. rohanpatel777

    [Clover+El Capitan] (X99) Stuck on Grey Screen With Beach Ball

    Problem: I am using a full Clover install of the app store version of El Capitan for my X99 based system. Everything runs smoothly until the line in the verbose boot: NVDA: disabled by nv_disable=1 (<-- line occurs 4 times) After that line, the screen turns grey and the beach ball starts...
  2. abdusalam.yab

    ga z97x ud7 th, start up and installation set up problem - Yosemite OS X

    Hi I just bought the ga z97x ud7 th and the core i7-4790k, but the problem is that i can't get into the set up it just take too long after it passes the apple logo screen, i waited about a whole hour and just stuck at the grey screen when the curser spins like this...
  3. KickedQuesar

    [Question] Stuck At GREY boot screen

    [Solved]Stuck At GREY boot screen hi, i am stuck at this grey boot screen the one after the white apple logo i have tried graphicsenabler=no but to no avail. any suggestions would help! thanks. here are my specs Sapphire HD 7950 oc 3gb i7-3570k Asus motherboard...
  4. B3KIM

    2600k + Z77X-UD5H Grey Screen After Multibeast 5.0.2 Install!

    HI Guys New To The Mackintosh World!! I have a Problem! Ok im got a Sandy Brighe 2600k running on my Gigabyte Z77X-UD5H Bios F14 I have NO trouble What so ever Installing Mountain Lion 10.8.1 no problems gettin into the Mac OS.... i can restart the machine 100 times with problems But i...