1. tvut

    HD530 Second Output Mojave

    Hey there, I've been running High Sierra on my GTX970 and I decided to switch to Catalina and use the internal HD530. My motherboard has two output ports, a HDMI and a DVI port. I have a 2K monitor plugged into the HDMI port and a 1080P monitor plugged into the DVI port. Using the platform ID...
  2. ainsleyclark

    Can't Boot with Internal Graphics Enabled - Gigabyte Aorus Pro Z390

    Hi there, I'm trying to boot Catalina with internal graphics enabled but I am faced with an error message (attached). I'm using opencore, the system boots perfectly with it disabled. Above 4G Encoding is enabled in the bios. Does anyone know how to get it working? EFI Attached. Spec...
  3. RowenDJ

    Fresh installation of Catalina

    Hello! I have a Hackintosh with High Sierra and NVIDIA graphics card and I want to buy a new graphics card to be able to update to Catalina. I want to do a fresh install of it, I have all the data on a second hard drive so only need to reinstall the system on the SSD. These are my system...
  4. yesanton

    How to install graphic drivers from Mavericks to Catalina (eye strain issues resolution)

    Me (and many other people) experience eye-ache from new Macbooks (and windows machines). After two years of trial-and-error I found that installing macOS Mavericks on my MacBook (pro 13 late 2013, Intel Iris 1536 MB) resolves the issue of eye ache completely. One cannot stay at Mavericks...
  5. simplyanin

    Nvidia gtx 760 on catalina

    im running GTX 760 on high sierra with Nvidia Web Driver..I want to install catalina which supports the card natively. Will there be a difference in performance?
  6. twain

    Graphics Glitch in Mojave [igfx]

    So I've been trying to install Mojave, but everytime it boots up, there are glitches everywhere. You can see what I mean here : Like I can see some shades of window contents or title bars when I move them. It is pretty much unusable. The only way to use the OS is by setting Fake-ID to 0x12345678...
  7. jakehacktosh

    Can I use an RTX Turing card as a display adapter for Mojave?

    I'm new to the scene and am trying to install Mojave on a recently upgraded system of mine. I understand that RTX 2xxx series cards aren't supported by any version of macOS due to the lack of web drivers, so I'm wondering if an RTX 2070 can be used in a Hackintosh as a basic display adapter? I...
  8. simplyanin

    HW acceleration in Catalina

    i have nvidia GTX 760 and i had installed macos Catalina. I know that Web drivers for my gpu isnt available. But I want to know any way to enable HW acceleration for my graphics card. Can someone help me? Mobo: Gigabyte B85m-D3H 8GB RAM Nvidia GTX 760 intel core i5 4440
  9. fringeguy

    Not Working: MSI RX 580 Armor on Catalina 10.15.3

    Hello! I recently set out to complete my first full build using all of the hardware from the Buyer's Guide. I have everything working successfully (Catalina 10.15.3) with the exception of my MSI RX 580 Armor GPU. I have heard the RX 580 should be easily compatible, so I’m sure I must be making...
  10. Aurash

    Netflix not working - any ideas?

    Hi, I tried to fix it with this command line: defaults write forceATI -boolean ye To enforce my hackintosh to use my AMD GPU for video decoding. However Netflix still gives me an error code, although WhatEverGreen is installed and iTunes Trailers are working so I assume that...
  11. ZoranJack

    X58 With RX 570 HDMI Black DVI

    Hello everyone! I recently install macOS 10.15.2 my Sapphire RX570 Pulse black screen on HDMI DVI(not test) DP (regular) I found that the Graphics Memory frequency is 100% when both DP and HDMI are connected My Mobo have a Oboard Graphics it can't driven ,i think it maybe is one of the...
  12. aleckcosta

    Web Driver Nvidia 17G11023

    Hey guys, I am with Mac High Sierra, and I updated the system security, now I don't have how install web driver, anyone knows if go have a new version ?
  13. singhest

    Black Screen After Half Apple Logo Progress When Nvidia Drivers Works

    Hi Everyone.. Im new to this hackintosh stuff Im having Intel core2duo Gt 710 1gb(VGA Connected) 4gb Ram Hackintosh shows My gpu with 1024 mb which is gud But resilution is 1024x768 to go for full resolution i need nvidia web driver So in clover when i check nvidia web drivers The monitor gets...
  14. emnasirov

    Need help with intel uhd graphics 630

    CPU: Intel Core i5-8600k / RAM 16GB DDR4 2133 / Motherboard: Asus TUF H370 pro-gaming (Wi-Fi) / SSD 120gb I have installed High Sierra 10.13.6 and my Intel GPU is not working correctly (Just 7mb in Mac info). I tried this method (GFX0 to IGPU / HECI to IMEFI and using...
  15. mati12

    gt 740 don't seen by Mojave

    The system can't see my graphics card gt740 oc 1GB. I pasted the latest lilu and whatevergreen into kext/other folder but it didn't fix the problem. Please help me.
  16. Campanis

    OS X Sierra 10.12.3 says its using Nvidia web driver but clearly isn't.

    I downloaded the correct driver for my system It installed just fine. restarted. It is using the default. I put the emu variable driver in DriversUEFI64 folder & restarted Nvidia says it is using the web driver but isn't. I have NvidiaWeb=true and I'm not using nvda_drv=1 Even though...
  17. aduff

    ACPI load errors - Sapphire RX Vega 56

    Hi All, I have searched high and low for a solution to my problem but haven't been able to find one so i'll have to ask directly. I have been running 10.12.6 for a couple of years with an ASUS ROG STRIX RX560 without any issues. This graphics card has been functional with the simplest...
  18. Cottoncandy98

    Kernel panic when using Display Port

    My new monitor Benq PD2700Q (1440p 60Hz) arrived today and I hoped that it would work together with the Dell P2417H (1080p 60Hz). But the display port doesn't work at all. When I plug the cable in, the computer turns black instantly and restarts. My laptop is GL62m 7REX with Nvidia GPU...
  19. iBen

    DisplayPort not working/no signal

    Hi, Having just put together my new Hack (i9 9900KS, Z390 Designare) I'm wanting to use the on-board UHD 630 graphics, however only the HDMI port is working not the DisplayPort, I followed @blouse's install and it got me to a fully installed MacOS experience, just like my previous Hackintosh...
  20. safarlebu

    Help me get a black screen! (aka disable nvdia framebuffer on a multiple-gpu with mixed ATI / Nvidia cards)

    Hi I've been using a color-grading station with a mix of ATI and Nvidia card for several years. ATI for display/GUI, Nvidia for Cuda / gpu-accelerated renders. This worked beautifully, up to 10.12. I had to upgrade to High Sierra (10.13.6), that is the minimal OS required for DaVinci Resolve...