graphics card

  1. jackrams

    << Solved >> Does the latest nvidia graphics card working on macos ?

    Hey Guy , i want to by a new pc ,but i want to support the ML, so I would like to know if MAC OS supports the latest NVIDIA graphics cards, such as the RTX 30 and 40 series.
  2. eagleeye

    << Solved >> Success: Asrock OC Formula 6900XT XTXH (Spoof)

    Just got this card (pulled the trigger). I currently use integrated graphics on my hack. Wondering if anyone has gotten this running without issues. I see a lot of success with xtxh card spoofing with other vendors, but I do not see one for this card. Has anyone had luck with this card ? I do...
  3. sriHacPro

    RX 6600 XT / 6600 cards and their compatibility

    Hello to all, I am considering RX 6600 XT card for my Monterey rig. There are many models and brands, like Asus dual, MSI Gaming, Gigabyte, sapphire pulse etc. Can the people rocking these cards let us know how it is working ? Any particular model that works flawless ?
  4. donaldclover

    OSX Mountain Lion Post-Install Boot Issue Graphics Card HP Compaq DC7900 (Stuck at [AGPM Controller] unknownPlatform)

    Hey there, I am trying to set up OSX Mountain Lion on my HP Compaq DC7900 desktop computer and ran into an issue that I don"t know how to fix and would be happy if someone could help me with it. After finishing the setup I cannot boot the installed system and I get stuck with the line "[AGPM...
  5. TheLetterH

    RX 570 and RX 5700 XT together

    Planning on getting an RX 5700XT, I have an RX 570, my monitor uses DVI-D, I was thinking of using the RX 570 for the Display and RX 5700XT for it's power. If I use RX 570 for my display, will my hackintosh not use the RX 5700XT?
  6. Marcell278

    Monitor gets disconnected

    Upon 3 weeks after finishing my Hackintosh, i've encountered an issue where the monitor randomly would get disconnected (i.e no signal). my specs are as follows: MacOS: Catalina 10.15.5 MOBO: MSI H310M PRO-M2 PLUS CPU: Intel Core i5 9400F GPU: Radeon RX580 RAM: G.Skill Ripjaws 3000MHz 8GB x2...
  7. realchunga

    << Solved >> AMD RX 570 Not Being Recognized by MacOS

    Hello Im having trouble with my graphics card. Right now I'm running MacOS on my onboard intel graphics however when i try to use my HDMI to connect my graphics card to my monitor, it says "No Input". It's not a monitor problem, if it was it would say "input not support". Anyone know how to fix...
  8. TEM-45057

    Graphics Card upgrade to Catalina

    Hi. I want to swap out my current graphics card so i could finally upgrade from High Sierra to Catalina. What would be the best or most compatible? Here's my build currently: Motherboard: MSI Z370 Gaming Pro Carbon AC GPU: EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 TI SC CPU: Intel Core i7-8700K 6-Core 3.7 GHz RAM...
  9. Soom

    All of a sudden Graphic drivers reset to default OS

    Hi I am quite new to all this Hackintosh life - it was assembled for me by a friend, so I am no expert. I am running a system with NVIDIA GTX 1060 Graphics card. One SSD drive with Mac OS High Sierra (on Clover) with Nvidia Web Drivers One SATA HDD with Windows 10. I have to restart quite...
  10. Dj123

    What do you think about AMD 5700XT 8GB GDDR6 ?

    I want to buy this card. For final cut pro X and last Catalina will I have more power (now I have rx580) And is it working out of the box ?
  11. Evilbanks

    Graphcs card Issue: Rainbow Halo on Black text

    Hi this is my first ever post/question. I have searched for a long time looking for someone with the same issue but to no joy. So i needed to upgrade from the motherboard graphics to a third party card to stop CPU spikes. All good. I search around on here and do lots of research and choose...
  12. Jakoozie

    AMD 7870 don't output video on Catalina

    Hello community! I installed Catalina using UniBeast. At first, it didn't load to the installation screen. I made a research and I found the SSDT-EC.aml fix. After I put that file on the ACPI (Clover) it went to the installation screen. I installed and when I try to boot it loads and...
  13. TEM-45057

    Graphic Card Compatibility..

    Hi. I wanted to switch out my graphics card so i could upgrade to Catalina. Here's my build: MB: MSI Z370 Gaming Pro Carbon AC GC: EVGA GTX 1080 Ti SC CPU: Intel Core i7 8700K 6 Core 3.7 Ram: G.Skill TridentZ 32GB (2x16gb) SS: Samsung 970 EVO 1 TB HD: Seagate 2 TB Not sure if any of that was...
  14. TEM-45057

    Graphic Card Compatibility

    Hi. I wanted to switch out my graphics card so i could upgrade to Catalina. Here's my build: MB: MSI Z370 Gaming Pro Carbon AC GC: EVGA GTX 1080 Ti SC CPU: Intel Core i7 8700K 6 Core 3.7 Ram: G.Skill TridentZ 32GB (2x16gb) SS: Samsung 970 EVO 1 TB HD: Seagate 2 TB Not sure if any of that was...
  15. amitkool21

    << Solved >> GPU for 4K editing

    Hello, I plan to edit 4K videos shot with GoPro Camera, but the problem is my current GPU doesn't support them. When I play them their audio is not synced and video also jerks while playing. I want a GPU that can run at least 2 monitors on Catalina and Windows. any recommendations are really...
  16. e11productions

    Best Graphics for 4k editing

    One of our computers with the below configuration is having issues with autodesk flame software. It appears that the High-Sierra is conflicting with the software. On one of our other hacks, we're running Mojave with the NVIDIA GeForce GT 740 4095 MB graphics card and it works fine. Would it be...
  17. mrjhahn

    Problem with ASUS ROG STRIX RX VEGA 64 OC

    Hey Peepz, I have build my machine in february and up until now I had no problems at all and just now it seems that my Vega has no connection at all. I tried to attach the HDMi to the mainboard and it worked so it seems to be the graphics card as there is a display port and hdmi connecting...
  18. douglassnoww

    << Solved >> Graphics Card not showing up in System Information "about this mac"

    Hello all, I am having an issue I am unable to find answers to. I have a Gigabyte z370 HD3 and a Gigabyte RX Vega 56 gpu running with an Intel i7 8700k cpu. I have installed mac os using UniBeast and Multibeast and have had no issues with sleep, audio or much else. However, I notice that in the...
  19. edosuperstar

    MSI GeForce 8400gs not working in Mojave

    Hello, I have installed mojave with no problem, everything works fine (from audio to network card) except graphics card. I have a MSI 8400gs, it's only working at 1024x768, with no way to increase resolution. I haven't found any kext or drivers for this graphics card. I even try with multibeast...
  20. zeshanch

    Need Graphics Card Advice for Hp 8300 SFF

    Hi, Im new to Hackintosh and Im trying to make my first Hackintosh. I bought the HP 8300 sff i5 3470 8gb Ram with Intel 2500 Integrated Graphics. Then I tried to install mojave in it. I had some issues but i finally got installed. When I restarted the machine the screen gone completely black...