graphics card issue

  1. thejudge63

    2021 Hackentosh components list for approval.

    Hi, time for a new build, my 2013 machine is being retired. This is my list of components for the new build. My big Q is regarding the Graphics card. See below and please comment. Thanks, JV 2021 Hackintosh Components ASUS ProArt Z490- CREATOR ATX motherboard Corsair Hydro Series H60 Liquid...
  2. Spatializer

    Resolution stucked at 1024x768 on laptop

    Hello! This is my first post here, even though I've been secretly reading hundreds of them for a while now! I am planning on writing an installation and general setup guide for the old Toshiba Satellite L850-1RC I own, however I can't manage to fix this issue. I installed Yosemite with the...
  3. trosum

    NVIDiA EVGA GTX 960 Gaming 2GB-do i have correct web driver installed?

    hello, i have the EVGA GTX 960 Gaming 2GB graphics card. I was wondering if i had the correct graphics driver installed, because when install the last security graphics card wouldn't update. and wouldn't work. I've attached a screenshot of the graphics card driver i have installed...
  4. virksaab47

    screen flickering

    hi guys, i have Lenovo G500 laptop with: intel i5 3rd gen 4gb ddr3 ram intel hd4000 and amd radeon hd 8500 series 2gb graphics i installed yosemite sucessfully with intel hd4000 graphics ON and running smoothly BUT my problem is this screen flickering...
  5. WafflePi

    help with graphics card

    Hi I am having difficulties with yosemite and my graphics card I am trying to use a gigabyte gt 730 and every time I try to use it it black screens and I know it works and I need to know how it can work with yosemiteand I tried nvidia drivers and they don't help
  6. Biplab

    Urgent help needed for buying a graphics card

    Hi, I would like to build a Hakintosh with a retail Lion OSX DVD with the following hardware (CPU). Processor : Intel i5 2500 k, 3.7 GHz Mother Board : Intel DH61WW + Intel (R) HD Graphics Hard Disk : 1TB Toshiba DVD Drive : LG Sound Card : M Audio Delta (PCI) Now, I need to buy a Graphics...