graphics acceleration

  1. andrimator

    Help, GT 1030 Driver Install

    Sorry about my nonperfect language, i dont speak english so well so i will need to help myself with google translate. Im new in this stuff, i installed MacOS Sierra 13.6 a few hours ago, i havent installed all drivers already, but now i need help with graphics driver. In this moment, the pc...
  2. Optiplex68

    Post Installation: How manage the graphics with gt 610?

    Hello there, A bit new to hackintosh, and sick of other OS .. I would like to know what i am missing to make my hardware work properly. I got a MSI H81M P-33 motherboard, an intel core i3 3,4GHz CPU, and a ASUS Geforce GT610 2048mb, and a SSD. My problem is that i don't succeed to do a dual...
  3. VikingShips

    No graphics acceleration with Gigabyte h370m and Intel i3 8300 - UHD 630

    Hi all. I've been trying for months (it seems) to get the built-in graphics to work properly on my first Hackintosh build. I finally got High Sierra to boot and run reliably, but without the Intel UHD 630 graphics acceleration, and only 31 MB of memory available. I've tried following...
  4. parasthakur37

    [HELP]Sleep not working on Coffee Lake Laptop (MSI GV62 8RE) i7-8750H

    CPU/GPU PM seems to be working as x86PlatformPlugin and AGPM both run with PluginType=True. Upon putting the laptop to sleep, it just reboots. System hardware details:- MoBo - MSI GV62 (HM370) CPU - i7 8750H GPU - Nvidia gtx 1060 (disabled), UHD630 (full acc.) Screen - 1920x1080 wide view full...
  5. kevinkochatt

    Can't figure out QE/CI for intel HD4600

    I have tried everything but QE/CI for Intels HD4600 just won't work on my machine, help would be appreciated. I have attached a config.plist that I currently have, it won't boot for some reason with the intel graphics options, I have to boot with my clover USB to get in to Sierra. FakePCIID...
  6. cloh

    Graphics Problems or No Graphics Acceleration

    Hello Everyone, After more than 2 years of wonderful time with my hackintosh something went wrong and one day it gave up on me. After booting up it gave me black screen problem, I entered nv_disable=1 and logged up into the system. Then the machine thought about not recognising my graphics...
  7. soso38

    HD 3000 problem

    Hi! I ve got a problem with my Hackintosh. I ve successfully installed High Sierra on a All In One computer but im not able to have my graphic card fully fonctionnal (no acceleration). My processor is an Intel i5 2410m; Intel HD3000; 8gb ram; 1080p screen integrated. If anyone could help me...
  8. RyanKluff

    System definitions for GeForce GTX 1050 ti

    Hey guys, So I installed this graphics card (from gigabyte) and everytime I go to load MacOS I get the circle with a cross. If I remove th graphics card, MacOS loads fine. My current system definitions are iMac 14,2 any suggestions to what I could change it to or possibly what might be...
  9. RyanKluff

    Gigabyte Geforce GTX 1050 ti install

    Hey guys, So I bought this graphics card and plan on installing it soon. I built my hackintosh a few months ago using the integrated graphics, but upgraded to this graphics card. Ive read that theres a lot of things you have to do to install NVIDIA graphics cards, and I would appreciate it if...
  10. devStar

    How to fix IntelHD 630 on Core i3-7100

    Hello Guys. I'm new to hackintosh, and I successfully install High Sierra 10.13.2 on my Desktop(Acer- Core i3-7100) But the graphic is bad. It shows only 7MB and I can not do anything. I've followed many article and tutorials which are related to fix this problem but I couldn't success. I need...
  11. narhak

    Help HD 3000 HM77 128mb 10.13 High Sierra

    After a long time without practicing a Hackintosh installation, I came back active to install on my laptop. :headbang: I tried with Sierra 10.12 but I had a lot of errors. :banghead: I was successful with the 10.13 High Sierra version. :lol: My hardware is compatible, I did some research and I...
  12. lucifer2002

    GT610 Won't boot without nv_disable=1

    I have installed El Capitan on my 500 gig hdd successfully using unibeast 7. After that, I installed drivers with MultiBeast and made sure to check Inject Nvidia in customise options. While booting I also made sure that the internal graphics card is disabled. Yet when I tried booting without any...

    Laggy High Sierra with GeForce GTX-950

    Hello to every one, this is my first thread so I hope somebody could help me. I made my first hackintosh build directly into High Sierra following the many guides one could find in this wonderful community, I have all my devices recognized and working, except que the system feels laggy with slow...
  14. noamtheking12

    Roll back NVIDIA Web Drivers to 378.

    Since the latest drivers are just bad I want to roll back to version 378. the problem is: How? Help would be much appreciated.
  15. TheGeekOfAlexandria

    [Help]Getting ATI radeon R7 260X to work

    Trying to install mac OS high sierra on PC for the first time, it boots. However, the graphics performance is poor and in "about mac" it only recognizes "Display with 7MB VRAM". system configuration: CPU: I5 2400 motherboard: GA-p61a-d3 rev 2.0 GPU: Sapphire R7 260X 2GB OC RAM: 8GB...
  16. moosefuel

    Xeon 8-core with AMD 7870 Slower than Macbook Pro 2013

    Hi all, I have been really satisfied with my build, a 8-core XEON 2665 2.4ghz with 16GB ram and SSD, including a Sapphire Radeon 7870 2GB graphics card, except for one thing. My 2013 Macbook Pro (15," quad-core 2.3ghz i7, 750ti 2GB) handily outperforms it in Final Cut Pro X and other tasks. So...
  17. SamS10

    [Solved] Setting up GTX 1060 - Graphics are Glitchy after Running Multibeast

    I just build a system based off of the CustoMac Pro buyer's guide for September 2017. After I installed the OS, the graphics appeared fine, but after running multibeast, I see constant flickering and graphical glitches. Furthermore, when I try to download Final Cut Pro X I get a "Your computer's...
  18. clarklak11

    GPU missing sometimes

    Sometimes when I boot my MacOS, it boots without the GPU, so I'll just restart it and then it will go boot back again with GPU. I'll attach my plist file if it helps
  19. petrikleynhans

    High Sierra still using Software renderer, even with GTX 1050Ti installed

    Hey guys, I've successfully installed my GTX 1050Ti card, and it's picking up everywhere (Overview, System Report and Nvidia Control Panel). But the interface is still lagging, and the OS is not using the card for anything other than detecting the right screen resolution. When running...
  20. Blackajiro

    [solved] Intel HD620 only 4mb

    Hello, i have a problem with my laptop running Sierra 10.12.3. Everything works fine except for the HD620, as you can see from the screenshot it's recognised as unknown 4mb. Can someone help me? I don't know what to do anymore. Screenshot by Blackajiro posted Aug 11, 2017 at 3:59 PM