graphic cards

  1. xueqian25960

    ASUS GTX 750 2GB HIGH SIERRA only VGA working HDMI/DVI not working

    How to fix the ASUS GTX 750 2GB HIGH SIERRA only VGA working HDMI/DVI not working without flashing VBIOS
  2. salomonfr

    How to use disable one of two GPU?

    Hello everyone, I have gtx 1060 (for windows) and rx 560 (for hackintosh) installed on the motherboard. How to disable gtx 1060 and use only rx 560 for hackintosh? I just want to avoid opening my case to turn off gtx 1060 each time I want to run hackintosh. Thanks!
  3. Machinee

    CUDA Drivers when using 2 GPUs built on different architecture

    Currently running a GTX 780 Ti in Sierra 10.12.6 and thinking about adding a 1080 Ti and use the 780 Ti as a secondary GPU for some extra computation to offload when using multiple applications. Does anyone know if the drivers will work for both cards? I assume that the Pascal (1080 Ti) is...
  4. Joshua.neu

    Please Help Trying to install High Sierra, running into issues

    Hi so the build is as follows Mobo: Gigabyte Z370M DS3H CPU: Core i7-8700K GPU: Gigabyte Geforce GTX 1050 TI RAM: Crucial Ballistix sport lt 16 GB Storage: Samsung 860 EVO 500GB SSD PSU: RMX 650W So i follow the install guide to a tee and everything is going smoothly, then i come to multibeast...
  5. NoxXex

    Intel Hd problem

    i have already done installed my macOS sierra but i'm facing this problem. I have intel Hd 4400. Then i'm using notebooks pacotedeconfig for intel hd 4400. But whenever im using that config, it will stuck on Kextd wait 'GFX0' But when i'm using intel Hd 4000 it works fine except the display...
  6. HK1234

    AMD Radeon R9 270X ports are not working on Mac Pro?

    I have a problem... I have a Mac Pro "Eight Core" 2.8 (2008). My old graphics card "died" and I bought another one. The new card is AMD Radeon R9 270X, 4096mb. With OS X El Capitan it almost works. One monitor is working and one display port (dvi) is working, but I can´t get a picture from...
  7. volatil

    RX 550 - High Sierra 10.13.4

    MAC show in System Information after installing update, good signal for support? PCI display: Tipo: Controlador Compatível com VGA Driver Instalado: Sim MSI: Não Barramento: PCI Slot: PCI Slot 0 ID do Fornecedor: 0x1002 ID do Dispositivo: 0x699f ID do Fornecedor...
  8. cnote.stl

    Nothing Works for High Sierra & GTX 970 Compatibility

    I have been trying for days to get my graphics card to work after doing a fresh install to High Sierra. I am running a GTX 970 on a Gigabyte Z97X-Ud3h board with a 4790k. I have tried every tutorial I can find on the forum including... The black screen fix tutorial (Didn't Work) The...
  9. tonyOB

    Help with Sierra & GeForce GTX 1050

    Hi, <SOLVED> I found that using the guide for 10.12 installation suggested a different NVidia Pkg than the NVidia website. The one that wouldn't install ends in f06, the one suggested in the guide that DID (and did so splendidly!!!!) ends in f01 </SOLVED> I am down to getting the graphics...
  10. bufferOverflow

    Why Radeon RX Vega 64/56 is not in compatibility list?

    Mac OS is known to natively support ATI graphics cards and recent iMac Pros have Radeon RX Vega 64 GPUs. But when it comes to Hackintosh, it's always recommended to have Nvidia graphics cards which btw is not easy to work with. Every time when there is a new Mac OS release, we are held hostage...
  11. AbdallahMostafa

    Coudln't instal intel hd 520 graphic driver on Mac Sierra

    Hello Guys, I can't instal intel hd 520 graphic driver on Mac Sierra I want AppleIntelSKLGraphicsFramebuffer kext file, plz Thanks
  12. Akatsu00

    AMD Radeon R9 270 Clover fix, El Capitan - High Sierra

    Hello people here is a small simple fix for the Radeon R9 270 series graphics cards, When you load Clover bootloader go into "Settings" and then "Graphics" In the FBName or Framebuffer name enter - Radeon Then in the Fake ID above enter - 0x68101002 Make sure "inject ATI" is checked This...
  13. waspinator

    nvidia board partners compatibility

    nvidia has several board partners which help them manufacture their cards. Is there a difference between them in terms of macOS compatibility? I'm looking at getting an old GTX 980 or 980 Ti, but I'm not sure if it has to be an EVGA or Gigabyte as suggested by the buyer's guide Are Asus, MSI...
  14. inapis.crazy

    OOB compatibility for GTX 980Ti?

    I am planning to build a hackintosh based on i7-5820K and the X99 platform. I am planning to use the Gigabyte GTX 980Ti (GV-N98TG1 GAMING-6GD). For the life of me, I cannot find any real experience/success stores if the above mentioned graphic card has out of the box support in latest OS X...
  15. glenroymatthews

    Graphic card for El Capitan

    Does anyone have a graphic card that is working with El Capitan? I need to buy a card that will work.
  16. techsandvich10

    Can't Decide between r7 250x and HD 7770

    Hello, First of All , Sorry for my bad english , english is not my native language . Please may someone help me out with this ? I want to buy a budget GPU to game and to work with some editing software like AfterEffects and Vegas . I Found this 2 good budget cards : R7 250X and HD 7770 . But...
  17. marnuc

    Nvidia GTX 750Ti

    Hey, I would like to know if the GTX 750ti would work right outside of the box? I'm looking to replace my XFX 6870 which has been very noisy lately. Thanks!
  18. thewaycooolgage

    First Hackintosh

    Hi, I'm wanting to build a Hackintosh. I will be using it for After Effects and Premiere Pro CS6 and Final Cut Pro X and eventually cinema 4D. I will use it for my movies and web browsing. I might want to dual boot as well. I have read up on everything. Here are some questions I have. CPU...