graphic card

  1. gauthieral

    What do I need to buy to update to 12.something?

    Hello, Sorry, I'm not good with computers. I made a working hackintosh a few years ago (still running on 10.12.5), but now it's time to update osx, because I can't use some newer photo softwares. I have a GA-Z170X-UD3, an Intel Core i7 6700, 32 GB Mhz DDR4, and my graphic card is NVIDIA Geforce...
  2. BezLG

    ASUS XG-C100C : Problem (graphic glitch...)

    Hi, I want to have 10Gb/s network for my NAS (Synology DS1819+). I've just receive my ASUS card ASUS XG-C100C. Installed (whatever in the 2 PCIe (16 slots) left on my motherboard Gigabyte Z370 aorus gaming 7), the card is seen on Catalina 10.15.7. (I don't know if that works, because I'm still...
  3. Dragonborn

    Have someone succeeded in spoofing id of Intel Iris XE graphic?

    Hello, I've been recently experimented Big Sur on my new laptop(Xiaomi pro 14, i7-11370H, Intel Iris XE graphic) and managed to boot the installation. But there're still problems with IGPU and Batterymanager. I check a lot of posts and find many same cases because apple didn't compile a drive...
  4. Samintosh

    Does FREESYNC work on hackintoch big sur?

    hi friends of men ask if freesync works on hackintoch big sur? thank you for the answer :-)
  5. TurbiX

    Ugrading my 2017 build

    Hello Everyone! First time posting here. Almost 4 years ago (august 2017) i had this build with dual boot (win + MacOS 10.12.6) Gygabyte Z170X Intel Core I7 -7700K NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB 6143 MB Ram 32 GB 2133 MHz DDR4 Now i need to update it at least to Catalina. I know NVIDIA aren't...
  6. flyrick

    [SOLVED] Screen stays black after logo using Sapphire Pulse RX 5600 XT GPU

    Hello all, First of all, it's my first post and I wanted to thank you all for this great forum and all the infos on it. It was a great support for me to jump into the Hackintosh world :) And today, I finally decided to post a thread as I'm not able to fix the issue myself and by reading...
  7. TarunDham

    Graphic Card help

    Hi, Guys my graphic card has just stopped working and i am looking for one, my budget is around 10-20k(INR), will probably buy online or maybe go to janakpuri district center or even nehru place, new delhi, India . It will be used mainly for video editing or recording/streaming and maybe some...
  8. jibaro

    Successful install of Catalina on custom PC with Clover. Everything working except igpu, which is showing zoomed in display.

    I completed a hackintosh build and everything is working great but I can't seem to fix the graphics issue I'm experiencing. My about this Mac: Mac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, 2017) Processor 3.6 GHz 8-Core Intel Core i9 Memory 32 GB 2133 MHz DDR4 Startup Disk MacOS Graphics Intel UHD Graphics 630 5...
  9. miguelcas59

    << Solved >> Catalina compatible graphics card help

    Hello good ones I have this computer with these characteristics: graphic card :GV-RX24P256H motherboard:GA-H81M-S1 proccessor: intel pentium cpu G3260 3,30GHz hardisk: seageate 500gb The graphics card and look that does not serve me then I wanted to know which graphic card to buy and be...
  10. Frederikxdxd000

    Good and cheap gpu

    Which gpu should I buy for my hackintosh. I use right now Mac OS Catalina and want to update to Big Sur on release. Which gpu is good has around 4gb and is not so expensive
  11. PullPull

    Update to Mojave with old build

    Hi everyone, I'm french, so sorry if my english is not perfect. I need to upgrade my old 2012 hackintosh build which works very well with Capitan to Mojave. Actually, i'm a video editor and I need it for new workflow decided with coworkers. My current build is : Motherboard : Gigabyte...
  12. dytract

    << Solved >> Letterboxing on GTX 645

    I only have 2 nvidia cards (the 645 was from my old machine and my 1650 is the one that came with my current machine) im currently trying to use the gtx 645 as a placeholder until i can afford a radeon rx 560, but it has this weird bug where it runs at the naitive resolution of my monitor...
  13. emresisi

    NVIDIA Web Driver for High Sierra 10.13.6 (17G66) * need help*

    Hello everyone! I hope you all having a good day I have a hackintosh system. Motherboard: h GA-Z77 Dttp:// CPU : Core i7-3770K i7 3770K 3.5Ghz/8MB 4 cores Socket 1155/5 GT/s DMI Desktop CPU Graphic card: ATI RADEON HD6850 1024MB 256Bit...
  14. KaanH

    Mac Pro 4,1 (early 2009) graphic card

    Hello! I'd need some help for my Mac Pro. As stated in the title, it's a 4,1 from early 2009. It was given to me and I'm trying to fix it in order to sell it. When I got it it was running with a Geforce GTX 680 but 2 days ago, when I turned it on, the screen became all green with purple...
  15. emresisi

    help! graphic card system compatibility

    Hello everyone! I hope you all having a good day I have a hackintosh system. Motherboard: h GA-Z77 Dttp:// CPU : Core i7-3770K i7 3770K 3.5Ghz/8MB 4 cores Socket 1155/5 GT/s DMI Desktop CPU Graphic card: ATI RADEON HD6850...
  16. anyadszeretoje

    Replacing Nvidia in an older setup

    Hello there, I am currently on High Sierra (because of my Nvidia card) but would like to use the newest update for Logic Pro, which has a minimum requirement of 10.14 OSX. I would like to ask whether it could work if I replaced my EVGA Geforce GTX 960 with for example MSI RADEON RX 580 ARMOR 8G...
  17. Experi-mental

    GPU Advice Mojave - Choice anxiety!

    Having looked through many threads and pawed the internet for many hours for answers, I think I'm nearly there but would like to ask for some guidance. i've just managed to get Mojave 10.14.6 working on my system having removed my NVidia GPU, currently running on iGPU. The NVidia card never...
  18. Victorlee

    Can this way works on dual gpu laptops?

    According to Rehabman,macOS cannot run on dual-GPU laptop.So we have to disabled dedicated GPU via BIOS to boot into macOS.But if we disabled UHD620/630 by modifying scrips and put kext into bootable disk.Then we can boot macOS in single GPU.Take HP Spectre X360 for example,it has UHD620 ang...
  19. fercho3138

    Post Installation Issue Intel i7 9700K

    Hi folks! I need some help with my build if someone can guide me. I've successfully installed Mac os in my build: Gigabyte Aorus Z390 Pro Wifi Intel Core i7 9700K Ballistix Sports 32Gb Sapphire Radeon RX 580 Pulse ABWB Wifi/Bluetooth Card So I did installed Mac OS Mojave using Unibeast (Clover...
  20. memomemonline

    GIGABYTE Radeon RX 560 OC 4GB -slow -seems not installed or not working properly

    Hello there, pretty new here, I wonder if my setup is making some conflicts with my GIGABYTE Radeon RX 560 OC 4GB Honestly my hackintosh seems running with or without in the same way - slow in particular on cubase 8 and 9, the mixer is super slow. Not sure if this is related with the cpu or the...