graphic acceleration

  1. iamsidhu

    Intel HD 630 issues!

    Hi guys, I have successfully installed High Sierra public beta 2 on my system. However, I am facing a few issues related to Intel HD Graphics 630. - Graphics acceleration not working (checked using MacX Video Converter Pro). - Artefacts on the top right of the screen. It happens after login...
  2. thomask556

    Sierra. Intel HD 3000 Graphics not recognised property

    Hi. I am having an issue in Sierra 10.12 one that I didn't get on 10.10.5 Intel HD3000 graphics only showing as 3mb. And no acceleration etc. Tried a few different things with. No luck. Also get the same problem when. Trying on my other laptop that has hd4000. Specs of the one I'm using is a...
  3. Fran122157

    [solved] Inspiron I7378 HD620 no graphic acceleration

    Hey, I'm currently trying to install macOS Sierra on my laptop. Following Rehab's clover guide led me to a successful installation with the following things working Usb ports (including USB-C and the possibility to use dell's dongle to use ethernet and replace wifi until I can get a broadcom...
  4. dibe0001

    Imovie doesn't startup! And glitches on screen!

    Hi guys! I've just finished my installation of Mac OS Sierra ! I got it from my MacBook Pro. I used Multibeast and now I wanted to see if Imovie works because I have to use it for a film I'm going to make! Imovie says "Your graphics configuration is not supported! This graphics configuration...
  5. stexine

    [Solved]HD630 with only 7mb VRAM

    Updated from 10.12.3 to 10.12.5 with lilu and intelgraphicfix installed. Both rx580 and hd630 work, but hd630 only has 7mb without accerlation. Any idea? my build: intel 7700k Gigabyte z270x-ud5 samsung sm961 256G nvme rx 580 thx
  6. fandelost

    [Intel HD530] No graphics acceleration in Sierra 10.12.5

    Hi everyone! I've been following dodvip123's Dell Inspiron 15 7559 guide since it seems the closest to my system (in signature) plus Going Bald's MultiBooting UEFI guide, and I got Sierra + Win10 on the same SSD with Clover UEFI. So far the only issue I couldn't fix myself is that I can only...
  7. cjr4d

    [Solved] System reboots when I start GPU stress or use 3D soft - GTX 970

    Hello everyone, I've been looking for a solution on the Internet for weeks, I'm still not sure the reason for my problem. My last hackintosh had the El Capitan OS and now Sierra, it always worked perfectly, totally stable. These are the characteristics: Mobo: GA Z97X UD3H CPU: i7 4790K - 4ghz...
  8. JCMunsonII

    Kaby Lake 630 Graphics

    Greetings! Is the attached screenshot the best that can currently be expected with the 630 graphics? Or, is there more that can be done to get full operation? This is on an El Capitan installation, I have not updated to Sierra yet. I've done the basic setup as per the hardware thread...
  9. Hauru

    Intel HD 630 - Enable Quick Sync

    Hello, How to enable QuickSync for HD 630 on macOS Sierra? Thanks!
  10. Hauru

    [solved] Intel HD 630 Kernel Panic AppleIntelSKLGraphicsFramebuffer

    Hello, I'm having problems installing the driver for Intel HD 630 (I currently don't have a graphics card yet so I want have the graphics acceleration work). I tried the procedure below, but on reboot, it crashed. Kernel Panic - Assert on AppleIntelSKLGraphicsFramebufer. TIA Build 1. Intel...
  11. yuljang01

    How to enable Intel HD Graphic (1st gen) QE/CI

    hi I use Acer 4741G and install macOS 10.12 successful! But Intel HD Graphics not work a Can't enable QE/CI how to fix or enable QE/CI ! My spac Intel i3 380 m Intel HD Graphics 1st gen Nvidia 540m (macOS not support nvidia Optimus) Ram 8 GB
  12. mo2513

    GTX 980 OSX El Capitan

    Hello guys i just installed my first Dual Boot Mac and everything went Fine but the fact that the os can't detect my GPU and says i only have 7 MB Vram. I have already tried putting the Inject Nvidia false in the config.plist but it docent help and i also have GraphicsEnabler=No and that didn't...
  13. insurgensy

    EliteBook 8460p QE/CI problem

    Hello community! I have installed Yosemite on 8460p using awesome guide from here. HP Probook Installer worked like a charm and I got fully working system. Now to the point. After some hours of usage (or after reboot) graphic acceleration on freshly installed system stops working properly...