1. amitfgggds

    Someone thinks this video is worth watching?

    A have RTX 2070 super i7 9700k Asus z390 a prime Somone think I have to ty this video?
  2. lozibaldino

    << Solved >> gtx1070 doesn't work ->Catalina

    My configuration: -msi m5 z170a -intel i5 5500 -gtx1070 i finished to install Catalina but the resolution is locked to 1280x1024, i tried to unplug the gpu from the motherboard and plug the hdmi in the motherboard and work all i also have two monitor and only one work but it's less important...
  3. lozlab

    screen freezing randomly after a while

    Hi !, Just finished Mojave install , all is fine except I expérience screen freezing randomly after a while but system still working, any idea please ? see screen caps below Mobo : GA-Z77x-up5th. - I7 3770 - GPU :ASUS GTX 660
  4. kenwas

    msi gtx960 4gd5t oc

    I have this and was woundering if it can work with any variations of a hachintosh build.
  5. djcompu

    Intel HD 530 with dual screen

    Hi, I had a little problem with my graphics card, nothing I tell you. The problem is that I have double monitor and when I boot the two screens come the same content but when it is going to boot I only get content in the by hdmi in the dvi does not go. I have Msi gaming m3 z170 motherboard...