gpu power management

  1. macphotophile

    Radeon R9 280x issues with Mojave

    My GPU’s were behaving in High Sierra but have gone awry since I finally got Mojave installed. Symptoms: web pages in Chrome load/display only partially, there was some improvement after I disabled the hardware acceleration option in Chrome preferences;. Safari is much better but still has...
  2. chevalier433

    No GPU Power Managment

    I have a GTX 660 and after running some apps GPU stucks at full load and never throttle down only with a restart.Any known solutions yet?
  3. blackgoat

    First Hackintosh Bulding.... sucessful but with 1 small problem in the power management from GPU

    motherboard : GA Z77 DS3h REV 1.1 WITH BIOS F9 CPU: ivy bridge i3 - 3240 RAM : Gskill ares dual channel xmp 2400 mhz gpu: Nvidia 560 ti i ve been able to install my hackintosh it was realy easy , i think prob coz of the motherboard compatibility, basicly didnt have to do any boot flag to...