1. mentosmenno2

    MSI GP60 2PE Leopard El Capitan kexts pack

    After hours of trial and error i finally managed to install El Capitan on my MSI GP60 2PE Leopard laptop. To make life easier, i wanted to share the kexts i used to get this done. There is a description in each folder for each kext you need to install. Please follow those instructions, because...
  2. fmvx10

    Need help with MSI GP60-2PE Yosemite

    Hello I need some help to install Yosemite on this laptop, Now I have Maverick running great with Clover, but When i try to start Yosemite with Clover something goes wrong... I will appreciate if anyone give me the DSDT and SSDT's for this laptop and other vitally kext... I only boot Yosemite...