1. TH13

    [Mostly Success] Coffee Lake ATX - MSI MEG Z390 ACE - i9-9900k - Radeon VII

    TH13 Coffee Lake ATX: MSI MEG Z390 ACE - i9-9900k - Radeon VII *Screams in RGB* Components MSI MEG Z390 ACE ATX Motherboard Intel Core i9-9900K Coffee Lake 8-Core, 16-Thread, Processor...
  2. amitkool21

    Solved > GPU for 4K editing

    Hello, I plan to edit 4K videos shot with GoPro Camera, but the problem is my current GPU doesn't support them. When I play them their audio is not synced and video also jerks while playing. I want a GPU that can run at least 2 monitors on Catalina and Windows. any recommendations are really...
  3. amitkool21

    GPU for Gopro 4K videos editing

    Hello, I have just bought a Gopro hero 7 black and I want to edit its 4K videos, but they are not importing to the gopro studio/QUIK app .... I guess it is because of some graphics issue...does anyone know anything about that...??
  4. CaptainFrosty7

    Video Editing Software Problems!!!

    Hello all, I have downloaded the Go Pro Studio and iMovie for mac and both do not seem to work right. I am running 10.10. When I go to open iMovie i just get the iMovie quit unexpectedly window and that keeps happening. For the go pro studio, if I try to convert more than one clip at once or one...