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  1. lrva

    << Solved >> Hackintosh down.

    Hi guys! After two years working perfectly my hackintosh stop working. :( Here my specs: Sabertooth x79 i7-4930 32gb 1080ti 1060 os 10.12.6 Yesterday was working perfectly... I did not install or update or anything related with the system. So the problem is the computer hangs and then...
  2. opaque

    << Solved >> Cpu halted - FIPS_POST failed

    Hallo Any ideas what the Problem Is? The system run without any problems. Suddenly I can’t connect via screen sharing. So I restarted the PC. And now I got this error. Nothing chanced on the system. I tried in clover: -x cpus=1 and a lot of other setting. Sierra wont boot! I also tried first...
  3. Namjam

    << Solved >> i7 7700k sierra stopped booting and shuts down at apple logo - help please!

    Hi there, I have been running my hackintosh on sierra for over a year now. Everything worked well except it would restart itself once or twice a week. I barely got this build working so i decided to just live with it because i don't really know what i am doing. But today I woke up and tried...
  4. Dioassassino

    << Solved >> Sierra stop working shutdown after loading

    Hello there, i've made an Hackintosh 1 year ago, and works perfectly... untill this morning. I was working, a program (whatsapp client stop to work) so i download it again and overwrite it, during overwrite Sierra ask me the sys admin password, usually he remember the username and you have to...
  5. emerge3d

    << Solved >> High Sierra suddendly crashing reboot

    I have a system based on the ASUS Maximus VIII Formula MB which has been running fine for over a year. I was running the machine overnight and noticed this morning networking was not working, I could not see shared network resources in the finder. I did a reboot and now part way through...
  6. jamiewoods

    << Solved >> High Sierra - Automatically rebooted after panic

    Hello I've been running High Sierra smoothly for ages with no recent updates, and when I booted today, everything seemed ok, except I couldn't connect any accounts in mail, also, the app store couldn't connect even tho internet was connected. I worked for about an hour, then decided to re-boot...