1. syarif.sugujati

    [HELP] How to enable handoff El Capitan

    What do I need to enable handoff on my El Capitan 10.11.4 wifi and bluetooth works well, but I want to enable handoff for my iphone. I had GMLYE 4.0 and Wifi card TL-WN881ND when I run CAT (Continuity Activation Tool) Diagnostic System CAT shows like this. Should I replace my wifi...
  2. Lensjocky

    GMYLE ExpressCard to USB 3.0 and OSX 10.11 El Captain

    I'm trying to get my GMYLE ExpressCard-USB 3.0 working with OSX 10.11 El Captain on a 2009 Macbook Pro. While on Yosemite 10.10, I was able to load a generic USB3 kext using Multibeast. After downloading Multibeast 8.0 I don't see any such option. Am I missing something? Any help would be...
  3. caseyfriday

    GMYLE USB3 Expresscard34 in 10.9 (17" Early 2011 MBP)

    My USB3 GMYLE card worked fine in Mountain Lion 10.8, but it's not working any more in Mavericks. I've used the 10.9 Multibeast installer and installed the USB3 drivers, but still no dice. Does anyone have any idea how to fix this, or have another source for drivers that will work?
  4. PilotShawn

    GMYLE ExpressCard USB 3.0 drivers for OSX 10.8.4 on MBP

    I have a 2008 MacBook Pro running Mountain Lion. I purchased a GMYLE ExpressCard 34 to USB 3.0 adapter with the intention of being able to read CF cards faster than USB 2.0 speeds. When I install the adapter into my expresscard slot, I get an icon in the menu bar that has two options: USB...
  5. phiilu

    Bluetooth 4.0 Dongle, does it work OOB?

    Hello again tonymacx86 community! Bluetooth 4.0 Dongle: On the website there are picture of this Dongle with MacBooks and iPhones, but on Amazon there is a note which says there is no support in OS X. I found out that this USB Dongle uses the...