glitchy graphics

  1. DEXXX

    [FIX] Corrupt color depth in High Sierra/Mojave

    Hey guys! Recently I updated from my perfect Sierra hackintosh laptop directly to Mojave, skipping High Sierra, and encountered a nasty color depth glitch. Since Yosemite I've been using ig-platform-id = 0x0a260006 for my Haswell Intel HD4600 Mobile. But in Mojave, despite of full QE/CI, I...
  2. barymef


    Hi all, I've install successfully macOS 10.12.6 on my Del Oplitex 980: Core i7-870, RAM 8G, GT630, using USB wifi. All work verry well. I didn't use any web driver version for my hack, just inject Nvidia in my config file. Now I'm trying install version 10.13.6 on this Computer as dual boot...
  3. sean2kx

    Intel Graphics z95, glitching, spotify wont display etc

    Hey, this is whats going on, Everything works except my graphics. When I move the mouse its black, or when i go on Youtube the boxes are black. Google Chrome doesn't work right either.
  4. RyanKluff

    [solved] Intel UHD 630 Graphics Problem High Sierra

    Hey guys, I just build my first Hackintosh with a Gigabyte z370xp SLI with an i7 8700k processor and I am using a dell p2715q monitor. I do not use a graphics card and am using the Intel UHD630 Graphics from the processor. Heres the problem, When I boot up macos, it starts out in 4k, but at...
  5. migigenDK

    Quadro detected and working but backgrounds glitchy

    Hey y'all Recently I sold my gpu, and have temporarily gone back to my old gpu a Nvidia Quadro 2000. Got it installed and changed the efi a bit to get it to post and be reconiced in the system. Happy days (sort of) while it works, the are many glitches in the background that also appears in...
  6. Campanis

    iBooks not working

    I can't get iBooks to work. It comes up as a completely see through window when I open it. I found a "solution" that didn't work on tonymac. It said all I needed to do is use my integrated graphics. I went to my BIOS and enabled them. set the DVTM pre-allocated to 256 and DVTM total FGX...
  7. baaelectronics

    Onboard GPU glitch after turning monitor off

    On my machine with an i7-6700 in a GA-Z170-HD3 with HD 530 onboard graphics, after turning off my HDMI monitor and turning it back on moments later, the desktop does not reappear but instead shows scattered pieces of the mouse pointer on a black screen. Is there any way to fix this? It is set to...
  8. JotaOliveiraa

    Sierra issues Post-Installation (Glitchy, super slow, 0Mb VRam, won't boot without USB)

    Hi guys, I just installed Sierra on my Hackintosh and you can tell right away that it's not working properly. The first page where you have to choose the user is all messed up. The background was all glitched out with different colours. When I enter my password and log in, the computer becomes...
  9. MrTurbo

    Mac OS Sierra - Display Port/Graphics Issue

    Hello all, I am new to the world of Hackintosh (and new to this community too :)) and just got my PC built and installed both Windows 10 and Mac OS Sierra using Unibeast and Multibeast. Installation was successful however I have below issues. I am using 4k monitor from Dell (P2715q). Initially...
  10. JackRametta

    Need Help with Glitchy Graphics

    Need Help with Glitchy Graphics On 9 Series Board Hi all, I just build a new rig with the following components: GA-Z97X-UD7-TH Gigabyte GTX 770 GDDR5-4GB intel i7 4790k For some reason the graphics are very glitchy after the Mavericks install. I've tried installing a few different kxts to...