gigabyte z77x-ud5h

  1. MTB

    Nvidia Quadro 2000

    I am a newbie with a working Hackintosh (see signature) that uses integrated Intel HD 4000 graphics. I recently inherited a Nvidia Quadro 2000 from a friend, but I have been able to find very little info about using it in a Hackintosh. Can anyone tell me [1] if it will work with Mac OS X, and...
  2. bleedingstar

    z77x-ud5h - Image signature incorrect.. not booting at all

    So, I built my first hackintosh 2 weeks ago. I hardly had any problems installing and everything ran fine for at least a week. Then yesterday, all of a sudden my screen froze. At first I thought it was just my mouse and keyboard not responding, but now I think the whole system froze. I...