gigabyte z77n

  1. hnsmldrs

    Mojave on Gigabyte Z77N Wifi, will it work?

    Hi I have a gigabyte Z77N Wifi MB with i7 3.4Ghz 16MB Ram. No extra video card. Will it work with Mojave? I cannot find info if the graphics output is supported with Mojave. Did anyone try it already? Thanks in advance for replies.
  2. jhaimy

    Preview of Videos Crashes

    Hello! I have a gigabyte z77n mobo with a Nvidia gtx 660 ti graphics card. Im running on 10.8.4 with all updated cuda/nvidia support and on PJALMS Graphic other DSDT kexts enabled in Multibeast. Everything works great except previewing video files which as a video editor, is an...