1. magedkilada

    Monitor does not wake up after sleep

    Hello, I have an El Capital Build Pro 3,1. my graphics card is nvidia GTX 960. Motherboard is Gigabyte-GA-Z170MX-Gaming-5. When i wake up the computer from sleep the monitor does not connect and all i get is snow. The mouse works fine during that time. I have to completely restart before I...
  2. hamij

    Gigabyte Nvidia 750 ti problems

    Hi, I've been running my hackintosh for the past year or so without a problem using clover (Modded G5 case, see spoiler for the blurry image...) The motherboard etc should be below the post. I've recently bought a Gigabyte Nvidia 750 ti and have not been able to get it boot properly with the...
  3. DorsyPotato

    Z170X-UD5 TH + i7 6700K + 64gb El Capitan (OC Thread)

    Hello everyone! I'd like to thank the entire team and TonyMac and all of you for the constant support in this community. I am on my third build, and it seems I am having a problem with overclocking. I have looked on the forums and the big list of issues and everything I throw at El Capitan...
  4. LowBandwidth

    GA-Z170-HD3 success with UniBeast?

    I'm trying to get my GA-Z170-HD3 board to recognize my USB drive for a Yosemite install on a brand new machine. I've tried to adhere to the UniBeast recommended process and multiple USB drives. I've also disconnected all non-essential components like the graphics card, CD/DVD drive and HDD. No...