1. johny694

    First boot problem and audio

    Hello, At introduction sorry for my bad english. I have problem with booting my clear install yosemite. Here is my pc specs : MB : MSI B75A-G43/ IntelB75/ LGA1155/ DDR3 1600MHz/ ATX CPU : IntelR Core i5-3570, 3,4Ghz, BOX (1155) RAM : DDRAM3 2x4GB A-DATA OC Gaming 1600G CL9 SSD : 2,5" SSD HDD...
  2. cdippo

    OS X Doesn't boot

    I have this problem when the computer try to boot OS X yosemite, I have chimera bootloader, help mee
  3. feltsu

    Freshly installed Yosemite, Unibeast very weird boot0 error

    Hi! So I installed Yosemite using Unibeast and everything went perfectly, I had working sound, ethernet, appstore, video out of the box. I've never been happier. But it lasted only as long as I used the USB to boot into Yosemite, I ran Multibeast and installed DSDT free, and all the other stuff...
  4. Chippelchen

    Boot0 Error cant fix it

    Hello, first of all I want to share my system: i7, Asrock H77 pro4/mvp, 8GB of RAM, Samsung SSD 840 @ 128GB The installation worked fine. I used MultiBeast - easy beast and installed everything. I manually installed my soundcard kext. For now, I can only start my HDD from my USB device...
  5. Liquidmetal

    Boot0 Error, tried Boot0 official fix

    Hey all. I tried the boot0 fix according to the official guide but no luck. Desktop installation, asrock z97 mobo, i5 4690k, samsung evo 250 gb SSD. Does anyone know what would cause this?
  6. Geriko

    Boot Error

    Hi guys, I thought I had made a mistake on the install so I reformatted and started over. But when I finally go to boot from the SSD Yosemite is installed on, I get this error appear: Can anyone shed any light on what might be wrong? Let me know if I need to provide any information on my spec.
  7. amrinpek

    Hd7700 gibberish text problem

    Hello guys, Today, I've tried to reinstall yosemite and Mountain Lion after i changed my cpu. I've got a few problems here. my Hacintosh specs. - Core i5-650 - P7P55D LE - 8Gb of ram - XFX Radeon HD7750 My Hackintosh was booted up perfectly with Core i3-540. No problem since bootloader to os...
  8. tonymacx86

    Install Bootloader and Extra to EFI Partition

    You may or may not be aware of it, but there is a 200 megabyte partition on the root of your drive. It's the OS X EFI partition, part of OS X's default GUID partition method, which normally holds information specific to Apple hardware. For Hackintosh users, however, it has no use whatsoever. It...