1. FTFT1234

    [SOLVED] CPU running slow (only 1.2 GHz)

    Hello, my Hackintosh has an Intel Core i7 870 as a processor, which has a stock speed of 2,93 GHz. I've overclocked it to 3,2 GHz, which is stable in Windows (verified with Aida64). But when I check for the actual clock speeds in macOS Mojave with HWMonitor, only 1,2 GHz are displayed (which...
  2. rapproducer714

    iMac doesn't Turbo Boost

    Hi guys, I was testing thermals on my late 2015 full spec iMac and while using the "Yes" command in Terminal and using Intel Power Gadget to monitor CPU clock speed, I noticed my iMac never reaches 4.2Ghz like it is supposed to with it's Intel Core i7 6700K. I tried inputting "yes" once to...
  3. firefistace

    cores vs Ghz

    I want to make a beast of a hackintosh but I'm confused if i should go for more cores in a cpu or higher Ghz speed. Whats better for a cpu more cores or more Ghz speed?