general help

  1. matthiggins87

    Help for a beginner

    Hi there, I have actually built a few Hacks, or at least a few versions using the same setup (which is quite old now). My problem is i do not really understand what I am doing most of the time, I just keep stumbling around and clicking on stuff until it works! My current hack is working 99%...
  2. YT21Labs

    << Solved >> Black screen when booting from ssd, not from usb

    Title says it all I've had this problem before on Mojave doing a fresh installation, where I couldn't boot without the usb stick used to install Mojave, but that was fixed by copying the efi from the usb to the drive, I've done the same thing here but can still only boot with the usb stick...
  3. PedroVercesi

    First Hackintosh!!

    First Hackintosh !! today I'v finished my first Hackintosh! I had some problems, I think, with the on board video, since the screen was dyed violet. I'v tried to fix it with the correct driver using MultiBeast and everything followed normally however when I access "About this Mac" the...
  4. TheKey13

    Its about be finish.

    Hello I have fix all the issues with the build so far, ethernet works, audio and gpu works. Now i will run geekbench and hope you guys can help me out with options to make it run better. This build is focus for me to work. Music mostly and some video and design( photoshop, ilustrator etc)...
  5. ConnorBowman3

    Understanding the installation

    hello, I am a new hackintosh builder and have been reading lots of forums on the installations for Mac OS X Sierra. In installation guide it does not mention anything about kexts or config.plists . So I am just hoping someone can tell me everything I need to download. I am running a i7 6700k on...
  6. TheVector89

    Drivers for kaby lake build.

    Hello guys. i've installed sucesfully osx sierra into my pc, but i'm not able to use clover EFI and to download (and install) the right drivers for my build. Can you help me? My build: - CPU: i5 7600 - Motherboard: MSI Z270a tomahawk artic - VGA: GTX 780Ti
  7. khora02

    [SOLVED] Which SMBIOS to install Sierra?

    Can someone direct me to which SMBIOS I could use for my build so I am able to download and install OS X Sierra? I'm currently running Mac 3,1 however, I'm told this Mac isn't compatible for OS X Sierra. Any help would be appreciated. CPU: Intel i5 4460 Quad Core GPU: Radeon R9 280 Mobo...