1. 3DTOPO

    Does GPU have to be flashed to run UEFI?

    I was not able to get my EVGA NVIDIA 760GTX card to support my monitor on the Display Port when I installed using the new Clover UEFI and El-cap (even after installing the recommended web drivers). I was doing some searching and found some mention of the need to flash a GTX 760 to support...
  2. crash228

    installing new graphics card and need advice

    Hi Everyone, i have a pretty badass system i built about 9 months ago that has been working beautifully, currently running OS X 10.10.3 (originally built w/ 10.10.1 and upgraded once to 10.10.3) - here are the specs... - MSI Micro ATX DDR3 2600 LGA 1150 Z97M GAMING - Intel Core i7-4790K...
  3. vega

    Geforce 9600 GT only boots with nv_disable=1

    Hey guys Im using a gigabyte Geforce 9600 GT 512 MB i have successfully installed El Capitan using clover, the only problem is i cant boot properly i always have to use the nv_disable=1 bootflag, and when it does boot the graphics performance is very low and laggy. when i install the nvidia...
  4. GreatBlakes

    Non-Maxwell graphics cards?

    I built a golden build back in March (CustoMac Pro) with the exception of an upgraded graphics card. I chose the Gigabyte GeForce GTX 970 G1 Gaming GDDR5, 4GB. From what I've used it with when booting in PC for gaming, it's a very powerful card and I've been able to play all my games with max...
  5. AwesomeOne554

    Need Nvidia GeForce GT740 Graphics Package or Kext Please!!!

    Hi, I got all my Hackintosh Drivers Except for the Graphics card: The GeForce GT 740 2GB I have been searching the whole internet and I really need a Driver if its kext or package. Please help this is my only way - AwesomeOne :-x:beachball:
  6. dynamo84

    Nvidia GF 8500 GT - Installation Problem

    Hi! I have a desktop computer that was running under 10.6. I tried to update to 10.10.5, but I have a problem related to my graphics card. During the first step, when the bar is loading my screen turns off and nothing happens. I tried using the onboard graphic card and it works fine. I´m...

    GIGABYTE Geforce GTX 960 2GB, Yosemite 10.10.3 help !

    Hello :crazy: I've installed the new drivers from nVidia without problems, but sometimes they load and sometimes they don't. The first time that I rebooted after the driver installation, it was OK, the drivers worked. I selected in the panel "nVidia web driver" instead of Mac OS X ones, but...
  8. wukno

    iHACK takes very long time to start

    Hi there! I'm having to wait about roughly 5 minutes for my hack to start up. Previously it did boot up in max 5 seconds. Went into verbose launch mode and found out that it hangs on this message: Needles to say NOTHING HAS CHANGED from my initial setup so now I'm trying to work out why such...
  9. flat0ut

    EVGA Geforce GTX 980 Ti -> Black Screen on Boot

    Hey guys, Grabbed a 980 Ti the other day and it's a beauty in Windows. I'm not able to get it to load into Yosemite (10.10.3) without using nv_disable=1 flag. The system will begin to load, and then the monitor will shut off. I've gone through the 'Solving NVIDIA driver install...
  10. Dragonmichael68

    EVGA 970 Fans don't turn once OS X Loads

    Well just upgraded from a Galaxy Geforce Nvidia 680 GC 2GB to a EVGA 970 SSC ACX 2.0+ and I have the drivers installed and everything works HDMI and so on, plist edited. Noticed The fans turn off once OS X loads and they twitch every 10 seconds like they're trying to kick on. Do I need to edit...
  11. asharahmed

    Is there a way to make a GTX 970 work in OS X Mavericks?

    I need a app which only works in OS X Mavericks but I have a GTX 970, has there been any workaround to make the GTX 970 work in 10.9. I've tried using Pacifist to force install the nvidia web driver but no dice please help
  12. nathanmaybrey

    Nvidia geforce gt730 Video Rainbow Static

    I built my Hackintosh about a month ago and everything is going great, other than this small annoying problem. It happens when watching pretty much any video for the first 10 seconds or so. Here is what I see but this happens on youtube and stuff as well. If anyone knows what this issue is and...
  13. Bavariatroll

    update to 10.10.3 - Black Screen with msi Geforce GTX 770

    After my update i got only a Black screen, Monitor get no signal. My Intern Card HD 4000 is function. What should I do? Thanks!
  14. metalhead82

    EVGA GeForce GT740 SC on OS X 10.6.8

    Hello everyone, I'm having problems with my EVGA GT 740 SC. I replaced my old Radeon 9800 with the GT740. Now, the system boots into OS X 10.6.8, but the GT740 is not properly recognized and I can only run one Display at 1024x768. The System Profiler lists it as "Unknown". When I boot in...
  15. ktrainyo

    Possible to switch Graphics Card brand?

    I have a working Mavericks 10.9.4 build on a Gigabyte Z97X-UD7 TH mb currently running onboard video. I first built it with an Nvidia Geforce 450 (old card i had lying around) and recently that card burnt out. So I attempted to replace with the Radeon R7 240 thinking I could at least safe-boot...
  16. vicky727r

    If Mac is Compatible with my Laptop

    My Laptop is Asus X550LC-XX223D Specification: Utility : Commercial Type : Notebook Operating System : DOS Screen Size : 15.6 inch Hard Disk Capacity : 1 TB Dedicated Graphics Memory : 2GB NVIDIA GeForce GT 720M Graphics Processor : Core i7 (4th Generation) Memory (Ram) : 8 GB...
  17. wizard0

    Unable to reach installer with Unibeast (4790K, Z97N WiFi, GTX 750 Ti)

    This is my first time here and first time building a Hackintosh so I'm not experienced troubleshooting this stuff. I have been following the regular Unibeast installation guide for Yosemite and I have been able to get to the Unibeast boot menu every time and choose the USB but I have never been...
  18. bobo13

    [IOBluetoothHCIController][SearchForTransportEventTimeOutHandler] — Missing Bluetooth Controller Tra

    hi, please help with the installation of the Mavericks on the Intel Core 2 Duo, GeForce 9600 GT, RAM 4 GB. Installation completed successfully, then Mac successfully loaded only when it is loaded via usb-flash and works without problems. But when loaded via Chameleon which I install, it gives...
  19. serialbreakfast

    Screen goes black at about 15-20% loaded on "Apple" logo, GeForce GTX260, flags not affecting...

    I'm running through the UniBeast Yosemite 10.10 installation following the basic instructions. I have an ASRock X79 Extreme6 motherboard with the latest bios, a Core I7 3930k, and I've tried it with a GeForce GTX 260 and a GeForce 8800GTS. With both graphics cards I get to the screen with the...
  20. joolsoliver1

    ASUS GeForce GTX 760 OC HELP!

    Hi Guys... Im quite new and everything has been going well until this, Every time i plug in my ASUS Geforce GTX 760 2GB Graphics card I get no Video output from the Graphics card or the Mobo integrated graphics ... My Mobo is ASUS P8Z77-v-lx, When i take out the GPU The graphics on the Mobo...