1. pagz

    Post Multibeast combo Open CL enabler 10.7.2 problem (GTX 470)

    Hi Friends, I’m a casual « hacker » so I’m not 100% familiar with every detail. Though my hackintosh is my main source of revenue so I really need it to work. I am a video editor so I wanted to have open cl working. I downloaded the latest version of Multibeast and installed directly the...
  2. psionicsin

    Need Help on New Video Card Purchase (580 or 680)

    Hey y'all! Currently I'm running and already stable Hackintosh build. It's amazing and has been functioning since February of 2011. However I'm now looking to upgrade my video card, and need some advice. It may seem silly, but the difference may greatly affect my workflow as a motion Graphics...
  3. unit24

    evga geforce 210 1024mb ddr3 mountain lion compatible?

    Hi guys im really new to this hackintosh scene and was just wondering whether the "evga geforce 210" was compatible? is there anything i need to install to get this card up and running? kexts? does it work out of the box? thanks
  4. VSUBlazer

    Lenovo IdeaPad U510 with Snow Leopard?

    Greetings all, I have a Lenovo U510 laptop, which meets Intel's criteria for an Ultrabook, on the way. This model is pretty new and there are next to no resources online for it, much less any Hackintosh advice. Here's a run down: Intel Core i7-3517U dual core CPU (1.7GHz, TurboBoost: 3GHz, 4M L3...
  5. webstmatt

    Mountain Lion Graphics: ASUS GF EN 210

    Hi All, I'm after a low cost silent graphics card. My preference is the Asus GF EN210 - SILENT/DI/1GD3/V2 (LP). I am running mountain lion 10.8.2. Has anyone had success with this particular card in ML 10.8.2? I have searched around and cant find a definitive answer. OSx86 compatibility wiki...
  6. philbagg

    Asus Geforce GTX 650 problem

    Hi guys. I installed Snow Leopard using the tonymacx86 method. I had everything working perfectly fine on my rig until I switched out my video card for the Asus Geforce GTX 650. The card runs perfectly when I switch over to windows (separate hard drive), but now I get to the apple loading...
  7. GXGOW

    Screen goes to standby after boot logo

    So I've installed Mountain Lion on a separate HDD before I'm going to install it over my main Lion HDD. The installation went fine, I could perfectly boot first. I installed my kexts using Multibeast, my hack rebooted fine. But here's the problem: After that OS X booted (normally it should show...
  8. JohnGohan

    [TUTORIAL] How to install nVidia drivers on Mac

    BEFORE WE START This method is for the ones who didn't get their video cards working properly after installing (normally) the official nVidia driver. In my case, after installation, my screen was turning off during the start, just after the loading gray screen with the Apple logo. After a lot...
  9. flopperr999

    GeForce GTX 560 Ti Question

    Is the GeForce GTX 560 Ti ( HDCP ready? I have purchased iTunes content I would love to watch on the build I'm considering using this card, but it would be pointless if the card doesn't support HDCP...thank you all...
  10. poopie420

    GeForce 8400GS or GT520 or GT610 or Radeon 6570?

    I have given up on getting the Intel HD 4000 graphics to work with hardware acceleration (qe/ci) on ML with my GA-Z77-D3H mobo. I'd like to buy the most basic graphics card that can give me full 1080p on it's HDMI port with hardware acceleration (qe/ci) on Mountain Lion. I don't play alot of...
  11. kou

    nVidia GeForce 7400 Support

    Hello, I was wondering If anyone had found a kext that worked with the GeForce 7400 Go. I found several but none were allowing to change the resolution or activating the QE/CI. So if anyone got it working with an EFI string or without please tell me how you did it because I am really close to...
  12. amaddali97

    Graphics acceleration kernel panic

    Hello all, I'm fairly new to Hackintosh, and while trying to enable full graphics acceleration, I installed 3 new kexts, NVResman.kext, NVEnabler.kext, and I have forgotten the name of the third.... I have an nVidia GeForce 8400 gs, and after I added those 3 kexts, I have been getting a blue...
  13. saschamt

    GTX 690 + ML + 3*DVI

    Anyone tried that configuration yet? How many monitors do you get working with DVI? I've had great success with three BenQ XL2410T and my MSI GTX 590 with ML for a few months and look forward to upgrading to a 690 soon.
  14. donchaspam

    Hackintosh by Day / PC Gaming Monster By Night

    Hi all! I have three basic requirements for my Mountain Lion hackintosh, but am not sure I can build what will primarily be a PC gaming machine that meets them all: - Thunderbolt Support (reports on new Gigabyte boards are encouraging) - GeForce GTX 680 graphics for the PC gaming side -...