geforce 670

  1. johnthegreat

    screen black after boot but system responsive

    I upgraded from mavericks to el capitan. I followed the directions from the multibeast install. For the most part everything seems to be fine except my screen goes black after booting. The system is still responsive I just have no picture. My gpu is an Asus GeForce gtx 670. I've seen some people...
  2. applebenny

    Geforce 670 isn't working on 10.8.3

    Hi, i used my Hackintosh some months without problems with 10.8.2 After an Update to 10.8.3 my Geforce 670 isn't working. I can only boot in safe mode. If i boot, the apple logo appears and the weel is spinning in an endless loop. I did a clean install of 10.8.3 but it doesn't solve the...