1. ruggine

    MSI GE70 2PE Apache Pro HDMI

    Hello, I have problems with my HDMI: when I plug the cable nothing changes and the second screen remains black saying that it isn't connected to anything. I tried to patch the appleintelframebufferazul but nothing changed. Here is the output of my ioreg. Thank you for your help.
  2. hitmanpt

    HDMI and HDMI Audio on MSI G70 2PE

    After a little fight I was able to get Intel HD4600m (For laptop) working and I disabled the NVidia drivers (at least I think I did) When I connect an HDMI cable the screen goes black and soon after the computer shuts down So no HDMI and I can't be sure that HDMI audio is not working...
  3. hitmanpt

    Install El Capitan on MSI GE70 2PE

    I need a couple things to finish the configuration but I will tell how to install the drivers needed to get this laptop partially working. I'll ask for anyone that can help to make everything else work. I latter will post the IORegistryExplorer and post the information that I found in Windows...
  4. woutwoot

    Mavericks on MSI GE70

    Hello Everyone, I've currently made a boot USB to install Mavericks on this laptop: I tried booting into the USB stick, and it worked, I could select what to boot and pressed enter. I could see the apple logo for a few seconds and my laptop suddenly...