1. thmsrock

    [Solved] Is USB Type C working with Skylake ?

    Hello, me again I own a UAD Apollo Twin Solo Thunderbolt and my mobo (GA-Z170X-Ultra Gaming) has a USB Type C output. I purchased a Thunderbolt 3 to Thunderbolt adapter, but apparently I'm missing something. Can I fix this ?
  2. rafamundez

    [FAILED :(] X99A MSI GAMING PRO CARBON, i7 6950X, GTX 980 Ti, Samsung 256GB NVMe M.2 SSD

    Hey Guys, I have all the parts and PC build up and running smoothly on Windows 10. Going to be hackintoshing it. Looking for tips and tricks that I should be aware of, so far I tried following this guide...
  3. trevor1030

    Will this build work ?

    Hey all, I have been struggling over this build issue for awhile. I want to find a build that I can game with and also use for my music production. Only issue I have is I own the apollo twin duo interface that requires thunderbolt 2. So find a proper motherboard with a thunderbolt port is hard...
  4. Winchester15

    New to this

    Hello All I've wanted a Mac for a long time now and I've known about Hackintosh for a while, but always preferred to get the real thing. I've decided to begin a Hackintosh build. I want to use my computer for stock trading, gaming, and music production. I want to dual boot macOS and Windows 10...
  5. digital.discuss

    Customac 2015-03, GTX 780 Ti, Clover and Sierra?

    I have working system based on the March 2014 Budget Customac with Gigabyte GA-Z97M-D3H Intel Core i5-4460 2 x Crucial DDR3 BallistiX Tactical 4GB Seagate Barracuda 1TB Corsair CS 550 W Corsair Carbide 300R Midi Tower Benq 22" display over VGA at the moment, has HDMI Using Chameleon boot I...
  6. kakashi2008

    This Build can run "El Capitan" or "Sierra" ??

    Hey guys! I need a little help, I have researched a lot but I can not find anything, I would like to know if my build can run stable "el capitan" or "sierra" and if on the motherboard gaming 5 equals to 6. My build: Cpu: 4690k Board: Msi Z97a Gaming 6 Ram: Gskill RipjawsX 16Gb 2133Mhz Gpu...
  7. Holopoly

    Multimedia Rig

    Hello guys, I've just build a gaming pc. Not specificly for a hackitosh just wondering if its possible? This are the specs: Intel core i5 6400 Gigabyte GA-H110M-S2H 8gb ddr4 ram 1tb western blue Corsair CX450M MSI radeon rx 480 gaming x 4gb So i was wondering of i can make this machine...
  8. captaincoolz

    Buy or build desktop

    I'm looking to build a high performance desktop capable of gaming, and was curious if it's better to build a PC or buying a ready desktop. If I go for a build I would like an i5 6400 and a gtx 970, is this possible? Recommandations for a build? For a prebuilt desktop I was looking at a Dell...
  9. sssylaru

    Dualboot win10/sierra to games/music production

    Hello! I'm thinking about building hackintosh (of course) with windows 10 on first ssd and Sierra on second ssd. Idea is to have win10 on first SSD and use gtx 1070 to games and OS Sierra with using internal graphic card to Logic Pro X. Is it possible to do it? Items I've choosen so far from...
  10. WishyWash

    Current gaming notebooks

    Has anybody managed to run macOS Sierra on a current gaming notebook with an onboard GTX1070/1080 GPU? I'm not looking for a certain brand, just VR ready graphics power under Windows (strictly gaming) and the best possible macOS experience for daily use. I'm currently using an iMac (Sierra/W10)...
  11. kksharma1618

    Need advice on this hackintosh/gaming rig

    Hey guys, I am building a new custom pc and needed some advice. Goals ===== 1) Main goal is to use it as a hackintosh I am a professional software developer and currently I develop apps (iOS, nodejs etc) on a MacBook Air 13 inch, which works out just fine, but I do feel a slight sluggishness...
  12. Nima12321

    Hackintosh for gaming, hacking and editing for $1250aud

    I would like to buy parts and build a pc and would like some ideas for parts. Some things id really love is a i7 6700K and GTX960 (preferably 4gb). I would like to go for the cheapest parts possible for the rest to keep under budget. Thanks!!!
  13. Nima12321

    $1000 (aud) Hackintosh for gaming, hacking and editing

    Hi id really like to build a hackintosh computer that i could dual boot into kali linux and also dual boot into windows for gaming. Id really appreiciate if you guys could help me choose the best parts possible for this build. And also i would really like an elegent cool looking case that isnt...
  14. InternetNomad

    Acer Predator 17 G9-791-79Y3 Gaming Laptop

    Hi, I recently got a good deal on the acer predator 17 and I wanted to install OSX on it once it arrived. I've attached the link to the laptop in question. getting the ball rolling early would be nice so I can get to the installing as soon as it arrives. Ideally, I would want to partition the...
  15. MartinBerg

    Is this a good gaming laptop?

    I want a gaming LAPTOP with gaming capabilities while recording and storing those large files. Can you tell me what specs i need? are these good? I am gonna buy keyboard and screen so dont worry about that, but i need portability! This is my specs: - GeForce GTX 960M 4GB - Intel® Core™...
  16. arvs21

    What os does the R9 380x work better on Yosemite or el captian

    I have read the Radeon Compatibility Guide But still haven't found any answers for my power color 380x I know that el captain has some problems but in my research I have found that both el captain and Yosemite have problems so which one would be the better??? thank you, :cool:
  17. vichti

    LGA 2011-v3 Hackintosh Build Configuration. Is it alright?

    Hi folks, Sooooo my 2009 iMac is starting to feel a little slow so I want to replace it with a new Hackintosh Build. This would be my first Hackintosh Build! I am a student so money is always tight but Hackintosh gives me the opportunity to build a strong mac system not having to take out a...
  18. vichti

    Building Advice: LGA2011-v3 Hackintosh Build Configuration

    Hi folks, Sooooo my 2009 iMac is starting to feel a little slow so I want to replace it with a new Hackintosh Build. This would be my first Hackintosh Build! I am a student so money is always tight but Hackintosh gives me the opportunity to build a strong mac system not having to take out a...
  19. leo015

    Planning to play World of Warcraft in 4K

    Hello guys! Im currently working on my new build. My main purpose is to play WoW in 4K on Ultra settings at a steady 60FPS and some other light tasks (browsing,video,photo etc.) . I plan to dual boot Windows and OSX in case something goes wrong with OSX. Is my build good enough for the following...
  20. jrbeepboxer2

    Need Help Deciding Parts 1080P Hackintosh Gaming 60FPS

    Hi Everyone this is my first post to Tonymac so Sorry if I mess something up. The main reason I am opening this thread is that I am unable to decide what parts to put in my new rig. I have been looking at the dual 2670s but I don't think that they have a ton of support in terms of hackintosh's...