Windforce R9 290x- Low FPS on gaming

    Hi guys Need help on this one. I installed a Gigabyte windforce R9 290x 4gb into my an Old Mac Pro 2010 5,1 it just works fine, my problem is when im playing League of Legends im having an FPS drop like 25fps, my maximum is 60 and jsut dont how to make it better to think that i have upgraded...
  2. gogogasgas

    Gaming Hackintosh - parts and disadvantages?

    My iMac and MacBook Pro are old. I was going to get a gaming PC and let the ye olde Macs soldier on. Then I thought of getting someone (local gent, who is quite experienced) to build a Hackintosh with gaming (using Windows via Bootcamp) and general use (some HD video editing using Mac-based...
  3. Sameerh4

    Gaming/Video Editing Hackintosh Build Help

    I'm currently an iMac user (for editing on Final Cut Pro X) and at one point had built a separate PC for gaming. I ended up selling my PC to upgrade for better gaming performance. I’m now wanting to sell my iMac and built the ultimate all in one package. I want to build a Hackintosh so I can...
  4. ShaneNolan94

    Upgrade Time!

    Hey all, I haven't upgraded my hackintosh in a long time and it's currently just too damn sluggish for my everyday needs (music production, video editing, gaming). I've already began my search for my first Solid State Drive which I know is the right start but was just wondering if anyone would...
  5. MrXXIV

    High Sierra Issues & Concerns - Audio / OpenCL / USB 3.0 / Dual Boot

    So even though we're around the corner with Multibeast supporting the new APFS, of course I'm still using clover off the USB. Ballsy enough, since Multibeast can't see my SSD (I have a Samsung 960 Pro 512GB by the way), I'm using it to at least configure the USB's clover, although that actually...
  6. Kyler

    [Help] MacOS High Sierra Only Booting To Apple Logo then boots into Windows (Dell Inspiron 15 7000)

    Hello everyone. I was hoping someone could help me get the actual installer to load. Clover pops up when I put the USB in and when I pick "Install macOS High Sierra from..." the Apple logo pops up with the loading indicator under it implying it will load the installer, but after about 2 seconds...
  7. digital.discuss

    G-sync and CS Go & Battlegrounds?

    (Forget Battleground in the subject line) Anyone that can share their experience with CS Go and using G-sync? I have a system with a Nvidia 980 and are looking at getting an AOC 24" AG241QG or similar display for playing CS GO and Shadow of Mordor mostly. Does this work out in your experience?
  8. Nicki96i

    [HELP] BIOS MSI Z170A Gaming M7 Motherboard

    Soooo im trying to install mac os sierra on my msi z170a its just not working can anyone help me on the BIOS settings
  9. DanielmnB

    I Want A Hackintosh :D

    Hello people of the internets, I've been a freelance producer for just under a year now and i've done all my producer work on a macbook pro with okay specs, nothing too flashy, but it's starting to get a bit old now. I'm also an avid gamer but I had to sell my old gaming rig to pay rent (I know...
  10. boulic

    Problems for installing os 10.12 on GIGABYTE 1151 Z170X-ULTRA GAMING

    Hi, I'v many problems after installation. First in clover, my SSD crucial didn't recognize on EFI Boot. There is only USB key for mounting. The Real ALC892 failed installation with Multibeat. Anyone has installed Mac os Sierra with this motherboard ? Thanks you for your help. John.
  11. joeee89

    An advice for a beginner

    So I'm going to built a budget PC for future gaming. (I'm going to buy a video card in the future.) I was wondering if I can built a double boot PC/Hackintosh. I read some advice in the site but I didn't see nothing of this! This is my there a possibility to make an hackintosh? Any...
  12. ckrules45

    Buying Recommendations for a first-timer

    Hi everyone, So I'm new not only to the forum, but to building computers. Let me give you a brief background as to why I've chosen the Hackintosh route. Throughout my early years until I started high school I was always a windows guy. But then in high school I needed to use Logic Pro for my...
  13. tumblemonster

    Dual boot editing and gaming rig - Kaby Lake

    I almost pulled the trigger on a 6700K build, but when I was about to buy I found out Kaby Lake support is imminent, so below is my updated first hackintosh build. 3 questions: 1. Is anything missing or wrong? 2. Can you recommend a good Gsync monitor for video editing and gaming? 3. How much...
  14. Cceptus

    Z270 Board Compatibility? Audio Concerns: Gigabyte Z270 Gaming 8

    Hello, Recently with the latest update of Mac OS X, I continuously get massive problems with the system no longer booting after it's been working perfectly, and it seems to be some sort of corrupt file structure. I was running Hackintosh perfectly for a solid year now and for some reason it has...
  15. Kemael

    Hackintosh GPU Choice

    Hi everyone! I would use a little advice if someone can help me sort out which GPU I should/could choose for my current hackintosh. While it is running on a Quadro FX 570 in 1080p and providing good resoolution and framerate without any issues, I plan to put the Sims 3 and Sims 4 and maybe...
  16. ujimaflip

    Powerful Mac - should I wait for High Sierra?

    I'm keen to replace my iMac 27 i7 2009 with something newer. I really like the look of the newly revealed iMac pro.. but the price looks likely to be beyond my reach. I also have a 2016 MacBook pro - I use the iMac now primarily as a screen... I'm also a keen gamer - and have a separate windows...
  17. Aniuks27

    [Solved] Gigabyte z170 gaming k3 , no audio and graphics

    Hi guys, I'm new to the scene as yesterday I built my first hackintosh. I finally got internet working but audio does not show any output or input devices in settings and graphics card driver doesn't seem to work. My build: Gigabyte z170 gaming k3 Intel 6700k 16 gGb corsair lpx ddr4 RAM...
  18. beachholderness

    Does dual booting hackintosh affect gaming performance

    I recently set up my hackintosh on a computer that I have been gaming on for the last year. Prior to installing mac os sierra, I was able to game at 1440p and 4k in some circumstances no problem. After installing sierra then reinstalling windows and all of my games, I can barely run 1080p games...
  19. kpoloboy916

    i7 5820k GTX 1080 Sierra 10.12.4 Benchmarks (Luxmark 3.1, Unigine Heaven, BruceX 5k, some Games)

    I have made a video, and will update with a new video with heaven benchmarks as well as Brucex 5k, and Lexmark benches tomorrow. as of now, I have some rocket league and bioshock infinite footages. idk how to get a fps counter going, but here it is nonetheless. Rocket League and Bioshock...
  20. DavidStLouis

    mATX 4KRawColorGrading>DITStation>MinorStreaming/Gaming

    Hey guys, New to this site, but heard and notice its the best for hackintosh's. I'm building a mATX machine for Primarily 4K raw color grading&editing, - portable DIT station(I'll be building a portable cart/bag to move the computer around when I'm working on set wrangling data and...