ga-z77-ds3h v1.1


    [HELP!] GA-Z77-DS3H rev 1.1 + XFX R9 280X DD - Trapped in a Boot Loop

    GA Z77 DS3H rev. 1.1 i5 3570K I bought this XFX 280X as a GPU upgrade over my old 650 Ti. I've installed latest version of High Sierra just with the integrated graphics, everything ok. Installed Multibeast, it didn't boot. Because of problems latest time I did a full installation, I used...
  2. charlesstricklin

    No Ethernet after rebuilding El Capitan

    I'm rebuilding my Hackintosh after losing my boot drive and my Time Machine backups. I've reflashed my BIOS (GIGABYTE 3D BIOS Dual UEFI vF9) and reinstalled El Capitan on my GIGABYTE GA-Z77-DS3H Intel Core i5 v1.1 motherboard, and I've been relatively successful, except now, my Ethernet doesn't...