1. Enstriel

    GA-Z77-D3H (F18/22) Audio

    I've managed to install Sierra successfully on: GA-Z77-D3h rev 1.1 bios F18/22, i7-3770k, SSD but I'm having troubles in installing audio (damn via 2021!). I've tried VoodooHDA 2.8.8/2.8.7 but I get "This isn't compatible..." during installation. And if I continue it, then I get OS X...
  2. KShion619

    [SOLVED] Help on TZ77XE3-V5 / i5-3570k / 2x GTX 660

    Hey guys, I'm seeing exactly what I'm missing here on El Capitan with Clover, hoping that someone can shed some light on what SMBIOS/DSDT (if needed) and Clover's Config.plist changes I need from the defaults. I can give a DSDT from AIDA64, LSPCI/USB from Linux, UEFI Settings, anything you guys...
  3. Khadjin

    Chameleon gone after crashing, how to boot now

    Hello there, I want to apologize in advance because I'm not very computer-savy. I did browse the forums and guides carefully to try and get an answer for my problems, but haven't found what I need yet. I'll give you the complete story so you have as much information as possible. (BTW I'm not a...
  4. fracture

    Anyone running a GA-Z77-D3H successfully installed Mavericks?

    Trying to work out how big of a headache it will be :). My current hackintosh is still running Lion 10.7.4. I've read that someone people got this mobo fully working for Mountain Lion, myself I was never able to get Wake from Sleep or the on-board audio working (I use USB audio so that was never...
  5. bolshoi83

    Will it work: Intel i5 3330 - (4 x 3.0 GHZ) Ivy Bridge, Gigabyte GA-Z77-D3H, GeForce GT 610 ?

    I'm looking for some confirmation for this build: Intel i5 3330 - (4 x 3.0 GHZ) - Ivy Bridge Gigabyte GA-Z77-D3H GeForce GT 610 - 1 GB - (PALIT) - (PCI-E) Any experience of why not to use this combo for a mac install? Thanks for any advice in advance :)
  6. scott_2000

    [No Boot] 10.8 GA-Z77-D3H / i5 3470 ML

    I have tried to install ML for the last few days without success. My install USB's I have two one Lion & one ML they both work as they have no problem booting up and installing on my old GA-EP45-UD3LR-1.0-F11 MB 3 Gig Core 2 My new system gets me to the selection to continue to install ML or...
  7. Tim_182

    [PARTIAL SUCCESS] GA-Z77-D3H Sound on MT 10.8 Project (VIA 2021)

    [PARTIAL SUCCESS] GA-Z77-D3H Sound on MT 10.8 Project (VIA 2021 + HDMI) EDIT: This is a fully working system now. Refer to this thread. Only discuss further development of the sound in here...
  8. caggsoft

    [SUCCESS]GA-Z77-D3H Audio working

    Hello Finally after 3 weeks of agony the sound is working, no cracking no bad sound, Green jacket back working as it should, optical and input also works, but not front panel. My configuration and what i did to get it to work: GA-Z77-D3H INTEL CORE I5 3570K 3.4GHZ 6MB S-1155 Corsair...
  9. dekelm8

    SNOW on GA-Z77-D3H i7 3770

    Hi There is anyway that i can Install Snow Leopard on my new Machine: i7 3770 GA-Z77-D3H 8GB DDR3 1333Mhz OnBoard Graphic: Intel 4000. Please i tried everything i know, and success only with Mountain Lion, Even Lion 10.7 is OK for me, the best is Snow but Lion is OK too. I'm...
  10. poopie420

    GeForce 8400GS or GT520 or GT610 or Radeon 6570?

    I have given up on getting the Intel HD 4000 graphics to work with hardware acceleration (qe/ci) on ML with my GA-Z77-D3H mobo. I'd like to buy the most basic graphics card that can give me full 1080p on it's HDMI port with hardware acceleration (qe/ci) on Mountain Lion. I don't play alot of...