1. ali120610

    Buying Help (GA-H77-DS3H). Need an easier Path

    Hello Hackintoshies, I went to buy the parts for my first in life build "Hackintosh" computer today, I got to see that they were not selling GA-Z77-DS3H BUT they had GA-H77-DS3H for sale, and it was cheaper than Z series board. I wanted to ask if this one is a good motherboard to go for? I am...
  2. JProffitt71

    GA-H77-DS3H HD4000 HDMI Audio [SUCCESS]

    Hello everyone, I've had a hackintosh for a while and while it's working fine I recently wanted to switch to my HDMI monitor speakers. Turns out, it's not so easy. At least it didn't sound easy: Everywhere I looked it people made it sound impossible without some kind of preconfigured DSDT, which...
  3. huskers23

    No ethernet option in system preferences - Mountain Lion 10.8 ga-h77-ds3h

    Upgraded my hackintosh to ga-h77-ds3h (rev 1.1) and intel core i5 3550 ivy bridge processor because of the easy compatibility. However this has been a nightmare build. I dont know if its because new rev 1.1 that others didnt have or what. I switched to a gt 240 video card from an amd because of...