ga-77z-up5 th

  1. danmcq

    [SUCCESS] Booting 950 Pro NVMe on GA‑Z77X‑UP5 TH

    I wanted to share how I was able to get my Z77 system (Gigabyte GA‑Z77X‑UP5 TH motherboard) to successfully boot off of a Samsung 950 Pro NVMe SSD using a PCI Express adapter. I know there are several others using this same motherboard for their builds, so hopefully someone will find this...
  2. max9000

    GA-77Z-UP5 TH won't wake from sleep (once a week)

    starting a month ago the system will not wake from sleep about once every week. computer does not show on networking so no way to access using Remote Desktop. i have to restart using the reset button. this is the last entries in the console: Jun 13 19:26:19 xx.local WindowServer[99]: Created...
  3. max9000

    GA-77Z-UP5 TH gigabit ethernet problem

    ethernet works but not at gigabit speed. it did not work at gigabit at all until I set system preferences >> network >> advanced >> hardware tab >> config: manual and speed: 1000baseT then about 10 percent of the time it sets to gigabit. anyone else having this problem? anyone know how to fix...