1. heyDante

    Lenovo G510 El Capitan or Sierra?

    Hello, totally new here. I would like to know which should be a hassle-free install on my system. I've seen a number of threads regarding my laptop. Key Notes: My laptop is a (No dedicated graphic card version) and the Wifi is broadcomm.
  2. jmhalder

    Lenovo G510 i5-4200m, Current status and fixes.

    Spent most of yesterday getting most things working. Still a few rough edges. Specs: Haswell Core i5-4200m / Intel HD 4600 4gb DDR3 @ 1600mhz 250gb Samsung 840evo upgraded from the 500gb WD Blue Broadcom BCM43142 PCI ID#14e4:4365 I've had this laptop for a few months, played with...