g5 mod

  1. thadeth

    Parts picking advice

    Greetings guys! I recently purchased 3 G5 cases (2 of which are fully functional and the third is just an empty case) and I am really excited about starting my hackintosh G5 modding project. (yay :D) I have all the needed tools for cutting and modifying the case, apart from a solid aluminum...
  2. 5star

    [Guide] Sierra on a Skylake GA-Z170-D3H i7 6700k, 32GB RAM, (iMac 17,1)

    This is a guide to help me remember what I needed to do to get Sierra up and running. I found lots of help to get El Capitan running, but as I was creating my new machine I *needed* Sierra to work because my Photos library which is huge had already been converted to Sierra’s Photos app. Besides…...
  3. voidfahrenheit

    Void's G5 Mk. II - Project: G5-S.H.I.E.L.D

    Hi there everyone!!! Here is my finished revision for my G5 mod. Components: Case: Apple Power Mac G5 Late 2004 Model Motherboard: Asus Maximus VIII Gene Cpu: i7 6700k Ram: Avexir Blitz Series 16gb DDR4 3200Mhz Storage: Samsung 840 Evo 120Gb SSD, 1Tb Toshiba 2.5" HDD, 1Tb 3.5" HDD...
  4. amrinpek

    Questions about what to do with My Power Mac G5

    Hey everyone, I just got Power Mac G5 for about 99 bucks from some guy on facebook. I got Early 2005 Dual CPU 2.0GHz Model. I think that pretty OK to me but I got some questions for you guys. Every things work just fine but one day I noticed that while my surfing on the net sometimes it...
  5. onienzeru

    OniEnzeru's G5 Mod Hackintosh - G5 Phantom

    ***This is my first post here on tonymac, so please let me know If I'm doing something incorrectly.*** Hey guys! Here is my latest hackintosh project - The G5 Phantom. Components: Chassis: ---------- Powermac G5 Motherboard: ---- MSI z97M Ram: ------------- 16 GB HyperX Fury...
  6. HackMacker87

    G5 case mod done, just some ideas

    So my G5 mod is done, and everything is working pretty well. I reused the front cpu fans and currently have them wired to molex 12v. Loud as heck, and I have harmonic whine. Temps are great, however I'm worried about the airflow. The intake fans are blowing much more air in than the rear 2x80mm...
  7. Ulysses

    Ulysses's G5 Mod with Original Fans & Layout using Laserhive's Low 120mm mATX kit,

    The main case mod goals i had in mind. To use the G5 fans. To keep the same airflow. Not take out the top shelf Balancing keeping the G5 as original as I can without compromising on the build. The core mods that i made: (beyond fitting laser hive's 120 low mATX Kit): G5 Fan Mod...
  8. janyon

    Mac G5 ATX Conversion - Noob Attempt 2

    Okay, here goes attempt two! Below is the G5 I acquired for £40 from eBay. It was the Late 2005 water-cooled dual CPU quad core with 6GB of RAM. It didn't work when I purchased it, so all is good! I have already stripped the contents out and removed the PSU, as well as come to a conclusion on...
  9. bshoes

    Matt's All-Black Powermac

    Hello all This is my second post about my now oldish PowerMac which has gone through various stages over the last 5 years of so. I've tried different configurations before settling for this one, which I'm very pleased about and that I thought I would share. I wanted it to be all...
  10. igalvatron

    G5 MOD 2nd Attempt [Work in progress]

    My 1st Attempt at this G5 mod as i thought i had screwed up a perfectly working 2005 G5 computer as i am only making it up as i go along because I'm going to get rid of that beast of a cooler master sniper tower, I've asked a friend to cut the rear of the tower to fit the motherboard tray and...
  11. toos

    Toos his first G5 Mod *Buildlog

    Toos his first G5 Mod *Buildlog Day 3 *First of all sorry for my horrible English i hope you guys don't mind ;). Hi there. So i did my first full working Hackintosh mod. But i was not satisfied. The thing is. It is so easy to make a full working hackintosh with the guides. But build it in a...
  12. tlittle

    IR proximity module used as DVD eject button on G5 mod

    I've been reading up on the mods I can make and came up with an idea I don't even know will work. I am going to remodel the inside of a DVD drive that I have right now to act as a hot swap for a 2.5" HDD. I was hunting around and found an IR proximity module that is made for the Arduino boards...
  13. jordinio

    Jordinio's First G5 Case Mod

    Hi everyone! As this is my first post on the forum I thought it fitting to introduce myself. My name is Jordan, and I have absolutely no experience in case-modding! I have been scouring the forums to build up a base knowledge and decide what my requirements will be. I have stripped down my...
  14. L33t

    L33t's G5 Mod (Blue Gl0w)

    L33t's G5 Mod Hey all, I owe a big thanks to everyone who contributes to this forum. I've used it for help with my hackintosh and just recently I've used it to figure out the planning in my G5 mod. So here it is. Motherboard: Gigabyte Z68XP-UD3 -
  15. Nathan991

     Nathan991's $40 G5 Hackintosh Mod / Front I/O 

     Nathan991's $40 PowerMac G5 Mod / Front I/O  Hi everyone, just wanted to start off by thanking the amazing community we have here who helped me get my hackintosh running about 9 months ago. Anyway here it is: Specs: Gigabyte GA-P67X-UD3-B3 Intel Core i5 2500k @ 4.21 Ghz...
  16. synthaxterror

    Great Swedish Power Mac G5 Mod - 2012

    Power Mac G5 - June 2004 Original Case ----------------------------------- PC-Parts spec: MB: Z68XP-UD3 Ram 16GB / 1600mhz DDR3 HDD: 1TB Seagate, 1TB Hitachi, 120GB OCZ Agility 3 (R:525/W:500) Audio: Asus Xonar Essence STX (windows) /Onboard Audio 889 (OSX) Power: Chiftec 850W...
  17. DJ79

    G5 mod with intact case and reused PSU

    Hello, all. I was in the market for a used Intel based Mac, but when I saw this G5, I got a great idea. Little did I know that there is a whole community of people with the same idea. When my wife saw the computer, she immediately asked if she can have it, so I said sure. So, here I am...
  18. nikkokick

    Project: G5 Unlocked. Updated 15/6!

    This project has been updated today 15/6. Please use the search function for your browser and search for "Update 15/6" to start on the new update, cheers! Here's the initial list of components I used. From Fractal, I used: Newton R2 1000w 80+ -...