g5 case mod

  1. G5 Sapphire.

    G5 Sapphire.

    G5 Sapphire, Installed the new Sapphire Pulse 8GB and it now it feels complete.
  2. G5 Front

    G5 Front

    G5 Front with LED, power button and USB working.
  3. G5 Rear

    G5 Rear

    Complete G5 rear with no cutting needed.
  4. Graphics Card Sponge

    Graphics Card Sponge

    The small rectangular sponge that supports the graphics card. This originally had a ATI Radeon 9800 XT installed and I distinctly remember telling myself ‘Don’t lose it!’. Of course I did, but fortunately I still had the one from the dual 1.8 G5. Just one of those details I guess.
  5. InsideG5


    Very tidy!.
  6. Fans


    The two Noctua NF-B9 redux 1600 92mm fans drawing air from the front and out the back. Really quiet, simple to install and both connected to the Dell 7010 motherboard via a Silverstone PWM fan splitter cable.
  7. Budget G5

    Budget G5

    Working Dell 7010, i7-3770, RX560 inside a non rear cut G5 case. Dual Samsung 850EVO 250GB SSD Catalina / Windows10pro
  8. PSU Cut Out Bottom Shelf

    PSU Cut Out Bottom Shelf

    Not quite finished, I haven’t started the bottom edge and the sides need more filing.
  9. Top Shelf

    Top Shelf

    A bolt from the original motherboard screws into a standoff just under the top shelf.
  10. Top Shelf

    Top Shelf

    The right side sits on top of the rear fan guard. It’s held in place by a screw that goes through the top of the heat shield.
  11. Alignment


    Amazing how closing the plastic cover helps to straighten everything out, really satisfying!.
  12. craighazan

    G5 Case Mod — GA H370M D3H GSM — i5-8500 — RX580 Pulse 8GB

    Craig's G5 Mod — Sapphire — Gaming/Creative: GA H370M D3H GSM — i5-8500 — RX580 Pulse 8GB COMPONENTS Gigabyte H370M D3H GSM Motherboard. Amazon — Newegg Core i5-8500 processor 6 core, 3GHz Base 4.1GHz Turbo, UHD-630. Amazon — Newegg Team T-Force Delta RGB 8GB 288-Pin SDRAM DDR4...
  13. G5 Rear. No Cutting!!!

    G5 Rear. No Cutting!!!

    I replaced the rear fan guard. Excuse the USB 3 dongle, when the right angle USB 3 cable arrives, Ill either put inside or into the top PCI slot.
  14. SATA Connections.

    SATA Connections.

    SATA Connections.
  15. G5 Plastic Cover.

    G5 Plastic Cover.

    Original PowerMac G5 Plastic Cover.
  16. PCI Cards.

    PCI Cards.

    PCI Cards.
  17. craighazan

    G5 'No Rear Cut'.

    Budget G5 'No Rear Cut' — BluEye — Gaming Dell 7010 — i7 3770 — RX 560 Components Dell Optiplex 7010 motherboard LGA 1155 P#: 773VG, KRC95, YXT71, GY6Y8, KV62T, W2F8G, 0773VG, 0KRC95, 0YXT71, 0GY6Y8, 0KV62T or 0W2F8G. eBay Intel Core i7-3770 ‘Ivy Bridge’ Base 3.4GHz, Turbo 3.9GHz...
  18. makitaryosuke

    G5 case mod Tokyo

    Hello there from Tokyo. For 2yrs I am using my rig for professional usage. Slightly better than 2017 iMac 5K with clean aesthetic, floating mounted front fan Specs: El Capitan i7 6700k OC'ed 4.5GHz with water cooled radiator outlet from the bottom Mobo Gigabyte Gaming5 Z170 1SSD 250GB for OSX...
  19. ReverseSide

    Hackintosh G5 vs Mac Pro 1.1 NO CUT CASE MOD

    Hello everyone, I have recently buy a Mac G5 and I plan to use the case for build an hackintosh. But now I wonder myself if it's more easy to use a Mac Pro 1.1 case, cause the power supply seems more standar form factor. (and Mac Pro 1.1 have already more slot for connector on the back and...
  20. nijat12

    Help with G5 Case Mod i7-7700K

    I had to change things up a bit so making a new thread (Previous one was about the PSU mod and after some input and research I think I'm going to put an ATX PSU inside G5 PSU case rather than reuse G5 PSU) So, going to put an i7-7700K (need advice on cooling. Want to go liquid but need to...