g4 mac

  1. DifferentComputers

    Indigo Sawtooth: GA-Z170M-D3H/i5-6600 in a PowerMac G4

    First build! Unlike a lot of first build posters, I've waited until my machine is nearly complete to post here, because I've see the abandoned threads filled with dusty pics of the shells of old Macs that never got filled with actual Hackintoshes. Now, while I'm not 100% up and running and there...
  2. graphicstation

    G4 Tower Build (Sawtooth)

    Finally started my FIRST Hackintosh Project. Thanks to this website I've been able to do quite a bit of research and ready to start my build. The Apple G4 was one of the best computers I ever owned, purchased new in 1998, it was still running, and until Apple changed processor/architecture ran...
  3. bmgp.95

    G4 Hackintosh - Rookie Questions

    I recently got my hands on an old G4, and I have been interested in building a hackintosh for some time so I have decided that I'm going to attempt to use the G4 case. It is model number M8493. I have no clue about which variants of the G4 are easy to mod and which aren't. I'm hoping someone...