1. demiangrace

    << Solved >> Help to enable SpeedStep of Pentium G3258 on Mojave needed!

    Hello, kind people! I had full working Speedstep on my system with El Capitan, but after installing Mojave i cant make it working again! Help me please. Actually system is working only with NullCPUPowerManagement.kext. As soon as i remove it from Extensions directory i've got kernel panic at...
  2. cupcake36

    HS PC Build Help

    Hi all Looking for a bit of help from someone that's done the whole Hackintosh thing before. I've got an old PC that I'm wanting to repurpose into a Hackintosh, and wondering if the parts will work. In a nutshell it's an Intel G3258 Anniversary Edition sat on a Gigabyte GA-Z97 HD3 board with...
  3. iTzJack9633

    [NOOB] I get a error when booting VirtualMachine - Attachment. Please Help

    Whenever I try to boot Mac OS X 10.11 I get an error. [Thread 0 Crashed] Specs - Intel Pentium G3258 GTX 750Ti ASUS H81M-E33 8GB RAM Thanks - iTzJack
  4. QuinnEdenfield

    How do I install El Capitan on a Haswell Processor? (Intel Pentium G3258)

    Hi, my name is Quinn. I've been trying to dual boot El Capitan and Windows 10 on my PC for a long time, and I haven't had much success. I've successfully created a USB using Unibeast, but when I boot from it, I get to the apple logo, the bar loads for about 5 seconds, the screen fills with text...
  5. torvald

    Problem with El Capitan Installation

    So this is my first time building a Hackintosh. I have a Gigabyte Z97 Wifi -ITX with a Intel Pentium G3258 Anniversary Edition CPU and a Samsung SSD. My BIOS is set to default and updated with the latest version of the Bios. And I think the rest of the BIOS settings are correct. This is my...
  6. davidt92

    It's my system compatible?

    Intel G3258 AsRock Z97M Pro4 EVGA GTX 750 S.C. Thank you!!
  7. timmen93

    ASRock Z97 Anniversary + Pentium G3258. Any experiences?

    Hey there, I have a computer right now, which exists basically only to run CS:GO. Now I am thinking on upgrading it and running a dual boot to also do my music production on it. The current parts are: - ASRock Z97 Anniversary Edition - Intel Pentium G3258 @ 4,2 GHz (stock cooler) - EVGA 750 ti...
  8. gadgettvpl

    Hi. I want to build a cheap hackintosh to expand in the future

    Hi. I want to build a cheap hackintosh to expand in the future it must be dual boot. chose such elements. Are they good? CPU Intel G3258, future 4690k Mobo ASUS H97M-PLUS Ram GEIL DRAGON 16GB/1600MHZ PSU Corsair RM550 SSD crucial mx100 250gb OS X Yosemite SSD crucial mx100 250gb Windows 10 1x...
  9. vdoshi998

    Stuck Loading installer

    Hi after loading teh usb in my pc I am stuck at the Apple logo loading screen with the progress bar stuck just before the halfway point, what can I do.
  10. sas3n

    G3258 - Anniversary Editon - compatible?

    Hi, title says it all. The new and unlocked G3258 should be coming out soon. First reviews show it to be a very budget friendly and highly overclockable option for builders on the x87 and x97 platform. I'm thinking about building a hackintosh with this chip but don't know if it's compatible...