1. OlliverAira


    Ive tried every kext people get recommended, voodooHDA, appleHDA, RealtecHDA, cloverHDA and non work! I get audio in HDMI but its just a fuzz in every other port I have Realtec RTL892 8-channel CODEC with CrystalSound 3.
  2. nivekc711

    Dual Monitor black on startup, & fuzzy graphics

    When I start up with both of my monitors on it goes to the bootloader perfectly fine, but when I start up the iOS the screen stays black until I turn off the main (right) monitor and turn it back on. Also when I load up my login screen is mostly fuzzy, this fuzzy graphics also happens sometimes...
  3. iiggnn2

    Sound stop playing for a few seconds

    Sound stops playing for a few seconds Hello there, i'm a new in here, few weeks ago i built my first hackintosh, here's the specs: Msi H81i 4790k intel i7 2x4gb 1600mhz 9cl Corsair Vengeance black ram 3000Gb seagate hdd 120gb transcend ssd. So, it seems that everything is working fine, by...
  4. benw36

    DAC/AMP Created Fuzzy/Staticky, Distorted Audio

    Ever since I plugged in my DAC and AMP (Schiit Modi 2 + Magni 2) I am having troubles with my audio. It sounds fuzzy/staticky and a little bit distorted. It sounds perfectly fine on PC, but not on OSX. Even my computer speakers (that were never plugged into the DAC, just the optical out on my...
  5. srmusico

    Booting like an old tv with a fuzzy screen

    Hello, i have a new mackintosh STABLE build, but the only principal problem is at the boot time, when the apple logo is charging the OS,just when the login window should appear, the screen goes black and then start fuzzing like and old analog TV. I found some users with the same problem, but I...
  6. DanRegueira

    MountainLion - GA-Z77X-UD5H - Fuzzy Audio After minutes

    After anywhere from three to five minutes of audio play I get a weird staticky/fuzzy sound that accompanies any audio coming out of the jack. The fuzziness seems to intensify with time. I've tried the orange, green, and black jacks all with the same effect. I've tried several different...