1. joeee89

    An advice for a beginner

    So I'm going to built a budget PC for future gaming. (I'm going to buy a video card in the future.) I was wondering if I can built a double boot PC/Hackintosh. I read some advice in the site but I didn't see nothing of this! This is my build...is there a possibility to make an hackintosh? Any...
  2. CustoUserName

    Current CustoMac Pro build futureproof question

    Sorry if these questions sound a little bit noobish but while I consider myself decent with computers this will be my first time building a CustoMac. I am looking to build the “CustoMac Pro” from the Jan 2015 buyer’s guide with the goal of making a powerful dual boot machine with as little...
  3. VroepVroep

    Socket 1150 vs 2011 for audio production

    Hey all! So, I'm on the brink of getting myself a completely new rig, exiting stuffs! Now, I'm a composer. I work with applications like Sibelius, Kontakt and Logic Pro. Especially Logic Pro can really utilize your processor to it's full capabilities, including all cores. But as of now I'm...