front i/o

  1. minjaeeu

    Little help with "power button/front I/O"

    Hey guys just wanna say first that I had this craving of doing a G5 mod since I entered the world of hackintosh in 2013, and now hey I found a G5 case...... but..... there's is only one little problem. My problem is related with the I/O front painel. Because since a G5 case (or even a used G5)...
  2. abdulabase

    Front I/O Audio Fix? Z77-DS3H

    As the title implies, does anyone have a fix or know how to fix the front I/O audio out lines, using motherboard Gigabyte Z77-DS3H. Or Is it just me and you have front audio working on your Z77-DS3H?? If so I suspect there is a problem with my Mobo Audio Header. Although I do hear a...