fresh install

  1. batmac

    Solved > Issues Installing Catalina - Fresh Install

    Hello all - Not sure what happened to my Hackintosh but I never backed up my file - in short I manually updated files in the EFI (Clover etc) manually by copying them over and overwriting which has worked before but this time around I've messed up because the drivers folder was clustered and I...
  2. rcampillo1

    Help Please !!! ... Catalina OS Reboots just when first Apple logo shows up !!!

    Hello Forum !!! I need your help to solve the problem I have with the Mac OS Catalina 10.15.3 upgrade !!! I have been doing FRESH installs from USB which go OK without any error until they finish !!! In all of them I restored my personal Apple account data and applications from a time machine...
  3. underfl0w

    Reinstalling Windows 10 on dual boot system

    Hi all, I want to do a fresh install of Windows 10 (from a bootable USB stick) on my Windows assigned SSD as it's becoming a little cluttered and slow. I have High Sierra installed on a second SSD and two HDD's (each acting as storage for both respective OS's). I'm worried that when I perform...
  4. underfl0w

    "APFSStart:1456" during fresh install of High Sierra

    Everytime I try and fresh install High Sierra, after selecting the USB I'm using as the boot device, I keep getting this code after about 2 minutes of black screen: APFSStart:1456: Mounting with apfs_efi_osx-748.77.8 efi_container_create:1079: -efi_container_create, Status = 8000000000000007...
  5. DanZi

    Catalina on my Asus Z87-Plus (Have to ditch GTX960 for now)

    UPDATE 2020-02-19 Created Catalina Installer on USB stick Mounted EFI partition and created OpenCore skeleton Dumped original DSDT via existing High Sierra clover (use F4 or in Clover menu) followed the Haswell guide here...
  6. notyand

    Stuck at 100% first install (no vram variable)

    Help??? Everything has gone relatively smoothly with my first boot of mojave until the apple logo/progress bar stalled at 100%... I've tried a few things (npci=0x3000.. usb ownership/injection.. definitrely using usb 2.0.. checking bios settings against guides) and have stalled at this Any...
  7. maciacbug

    HELP - ASUS Prime H370M-PLUS clean install with UniBeast problems

    I'm building a new system; my first with an ASUS board. I purchased all parts from the Buyer's Guide and made my USB installer with UniBeast 9.2 and Mojave 10.14.6 from my 2017 MacBook Pro. Creation of the USB went perfect. I chose UEFI when making the installer. When I boot the PC from the USB...
  8. WahlyWorld93

    Solved > Progress bar get's stuck at 100%

    Hey guys, I've been going through and tweaking things bit by bit and finally got it to actually reach the Apple logo and progress bar this morning. However the progress bar will load all the way to 100% and then get stuck and never reach the installer. I re-booted it in safe and verbose mode so...
  9. Pooya511

    Asusn552vw Fresh Install Stuck at Apple Logo

    Hi I'm trying to install fresh Hackintosh but I get stuck at apple logo. My Laptop Config: Asusn552vw i7 6700HQ 4k Display GTX 960M VT-d is disabled. Smart Boot is disabled. There is no config for disabling graphic card. There is no I/O port config in my bios as you can see in attached images...
  10. Muffin87

    How to fresh install after updating to High Sierra failed

    I was running El Capitan on my Lenovo Y50-70. I downloaded the High Sierra update and ran it. Whenever I select the "Update to High Sierra" option in Clover UEFI, the laptop reboots right away going back to clover and when I try selecting the update option in clover again, I get the mac screen...
  11. zcmccl2

    Mach Reboot Asus p7p55d, booting to High Sierra installer

    Attempting a fresh install of High Sierra This machine and hardware (in sig) have had Snow Leopard through Mavericks, which is what it is currently running. The panic happens once I select "boot os x install from macOS install high sierra", from the clover select screen, after booting to the...
  12. vedreemo

    [Help Please!] Fresh Install failure; hangs on apple screen

    I'm fairly new at this so thanks in advance for any help and your patience! The system I'm using should show in my profile but here it is again: CPU: i7 4770k @ 3.5 ghz MOBO: gigabyte z87x-ud5 TH Graphics Card (removed in verbose below): EVGA geforce GTX 660 Let me know if you need any...
  13. LoryGamer03

    [Solved] Hackintosh fresh install: do I need to wipe the whole drive? (dual boot)

    Hi guys, I have an hackintosh running El Capitan and Windows 10 on the same SSD, and I'd like to do a fresh install of macOS. Can I simply install it in the El Capitan partition and leave Windows 10 untouched or I must erase the whole drive?
  14. kavlos

    Issues on High Sierra - Want to Fresh Install

    Hi everyone, I got issues where Safari and Quicktime freeze and also some issues with the sound. Instead of spending more time in understanding what's going on, I thought of doing a fresh install and reconfigure everything from scratch. I upgraded from Sierra. What's the best way to do a fresh...
  15. Jrrrr

    How to get a fresh start and fix my audio situation

    Hello! I have my hackintosh up and running and for a time, had headphone audio working. I was trying to get my TV's HDMI audio to work but I've tried everything I could think of and had no luck. I've just been blindly trying things in clover config to no avail. Now I have a situation where...
  16. freshoil

    Fresh install question

    So, after several days of trying to get my computer back to running smoothly, looks like I'll have to do a fresh install. I am using the Yosemite OS. Can I do a fresh install of Yosemite that can essentially "overlay" the current buggy version? Or do I have to delete everything including my...
  17. kavlos

    Fresh Install

    hi everyone. Is it possible to do a fresh install without losing the existing apps? I think I messed up some kexts and it's a pain to fix one by one.
  18. sdrose

    Question re: DSDT / SSDT and other info

    Hello all I've decided I want to update my *intosh system, based on an existing Gigabyte z77n-wifi motherboard and an i7 from about 5 years ago, with a clean and fresh install on a new SSD drive. I am using the Intel 4000 internal graphics, rather than a graphics card. Currently running on the...
  19. jscamposcr

    Graphics issue with GTX 1080

    Hi Guys! After spending hours doing research I have come up with nothing and so I would like to ask you guys for ideas. I built computer with the following specs: MB: GA-Z170X-UD5 GC: EVGA 1080 FTW AC CPU: i5 6600k After going through the install process I have come to a halt. I have...
  20. insomnia

    Problem!!! OS X Sierra 10.12.3 verbose

    Hy guys! If someone could help me analyze problem, I'll appreciate it so much! Here is screenshot from verbose mode afeter Sierra fresh install. My conf. is in Profile. Thanks in Advance!