1. osXmann

    Mojave not operating optimally on Toshiba Satellite p855-s5102

    I have installed Mojave on my laptop, however, it's consuming a lot of power and operating at a high frequency(see screenshot) even when no program is running. It also gets stuck if I run xCode's simulator or open multiple tabs at the same time. Screenshot 2 shows the SSDTs and DSDT installed...
  2. witampanstwa

    Solved > CPU frequency always at max

    Hello, I am struggling with my Haswell CPU which keeps its frequency all the time at 2.4 GHz, while its minimum is 800 MHz and 2.7 Ghz at turbo. I have already set config.plist/KernelAndKextPatches/KernelPm=true, put SSDT-XCPM.aml in EFI/Clover/ACPI/patched and I do not have...
  3. rapproducer714

    Help with HWMonitor

    Hey guys, I want to monitor my CPU frequency with HWMonitor on my iMac, but it says I need FakeSMC for reading of the CPU frequency, but I'm afraid of ruining my macOS install if I install FakeSMC. I want to test my results against Intel Power Gadget cause my Turbo Boost isn't working and I...
  4. ashwingopinath

    Change in Clock frequency of graphic cards

    Will the change in clock frequency of the graphic cards of the same model effect the hackintosh???
  5. Machinee

    Yosemite won't boot after changing CPU frequency

    When I try to lower the the frequency of my 4930k, my system won't boot. I've had it running at 4.2ghz for about 3 years but after about a week uptime I can get a random shutdown so I wanted to try and get it more stable by lowering the frequency but then it wont boot. When I change it back to...
  6. Carlox97

    Unable to reduce/edit i7-7700k Max Turbo Frequency

    Hi, I have installed macOS 10.13 High Sierra (clean install) on my PC and @RehabMan Kexts to monitor temperatures and other stuff with HWMonitor. I'd like to avoid the processor to reach 4.4GHz in order to reach a maximum of 4.1 GHz, but I'm unable to do it! I tried the following: Disable Intel...
  7. boez2000

    AGPM.kext loading properly, but gpu not clocking down.

    Hello, After hours getting AGPM.kext loading, I was surprised by the fact it doesn't change my gpu's frequency. HWMonitor says so, and I think it's true because it is still running quite hot. It's changing G-States properly, according to Console. I attached my AGPM.kext and IOReg. I'm using...