1. Gaia1405

    << Solved >> Mojave 10.14.6 freezing with SSD

    Hi everyone, today i was trying to install mojave 10.14.6, but the installer just freezes, sometimes in the language chooser and sometimes during the first installation. The point is, when i unplugged the SSD from sata port and tried to install mojave directly in another pen drive, it goes...

    Catalina Opencore Build Has Started Randomly Freezing. Any Ideas?

    Hey all, I've had my dual boot hackintosh up and running for about a week now with zero issues. Last night while gaming on the windows side everything froze up and I had to hard reboot the system. Now I can't sit in either OS for more than about 3-4 minutes before everything freezes up again...
  3. ainsleyclark

    BCM94360CS2 Combo WIFI/Bluetooth Freezes Keyboard and Mouse After Sleep

    Hi there, I'm having troubles with the BCM94360CS2 combo WIFI/Bluetooth card in use with the Aorus Pro Z390. It seems when the computer goes to sleep (I think) and wakes, after a bit the keyboard and mouse freezes and I have to reboot. The computer still seems to be running but Bluetooth...
  4. bryner

    KB/Mouse frozen at language screen

    Hey folks, I'm trying to downgrade from Mojave to High Sierra since support for my NVidia GPU still doesn't exist and I can't seem to get past the language screen. I disconnected all of my drives including the drive I'm planning to install HS on and it allows me to use my mouse / keyboard. As...
  5. lozlab

    screen freezing randomly after a while

    Hi !, Just finished Mojave install , all is fine except I expérience screen freezing randomly after a while but system still working, any idea please ? see screen caps below Mobo : GA-Z77x-up5th. - I7 3770 - GPU :ASUS GTX 660
  6. Pinchey

    Unibeast USB bootloader for Mojave freezing

    Hi all, This is my first attempt at a Hackintosh and I have searched extensively, but unfortunately I cannot find a solution, so i was hoping someone could help me, please. I have a Gigabyte z370HD3P which I have flashed with the most recent firmware (F11b), the processor is a i7 8700 and the...
  7. aidenxy

    Apps like Spotify and Chrome completely freeze the desktop. Only the mouse is moveable.

    I'm on the latest version of High Sierra for my Hackintosh build and when I try to install apps like Spotify for Chrome, it completely freezes up my desktop. I am not sure what to do except to do a hard reset. Any help?
  8. Frisootje

    System slows down and dies on Photos, no errors or panics

    Hi there, First time poster, long time member. Some background: I've now successfully built a Hackintosh with a Gigabyte GA77XUP4TH board and a Sandy Bridge i7-2600K, using Radeon RX580 gfx as I couldn't get my Nvidia card to behave with my Dell UP2715K monitor. With the Radeon installed, it's...
  9. marcagio

    [solved]High Sierra freezes at random times.

    Hi everyone, The title says it all. It happens very randomly. Sometimes It'll be working 5 minutes and suddenly freeze and sometimes it'll be up and running for a day or two. Not an emergency since it's only a secondary setup built for testing and building things before I move them to my...
  10. bwilliams2002

    Random freezing for only about 5 seconds.

    I have successfully installed Mac OS Sierra on my main rig, and I don't dare to install High Sierra! I have never had this problem while testing on my other hackintosh projects... I have my machine on for about 20 minutes to an hour and out of nowhere it begins to freeze -- no sound, no moving...
  11. raycey345

    [Solved] Boot problems, freeze and crashing

    Hi I have a problem with sierra loading. During boot up of Mac OS, it will reboot or stay stuck like in the picture with the text info. If it loads to desktop, right after I put in my password to login, it freezes then reboots. I think it has to do with my GTX 1060, I've installed the drivers...
  12. TomMan7531

    Sierra Freezing after Startup

    Hi, So I have been having major issues with my install of Sierra. The issue is that all of a sudden when you start it up it boots to the homescreen very slowly and then after a few seconds it freezes completely, however in safe mode this doesn't happen. It seemed to do it after I did the...
  13. jjirkajanet

    Freezing mac on safari

    Hello i have crazy problems.... If i look on for example youtube or look on facebook everything is ok.. but if i recive message from facebook or i look on (no play video only look on website) mac is freeze, no kernel panic with/without -v, if i used -x all work good... facebook...
  14. rickysmd03

    Dual Monitor Causes Partial Freezing

    So I have come across a strange issue that I cannot seem to fix. Originally I was getting partial freezes when using Safari but was able to fix this issue. Over the next few days I noticed the issue happening again bur only when my second monitor was turned off. If I would unplug the hdmi from...
  15. Kositch

    Safari video or FB beep notif. freezes completely hackintosh

    Hello, I have set it up my first hackintosh on Sierra 10.12.3, everything works without a flaw including all iCloud services. No I have started installing all apps I usually use and started using mackintosh as main OS. Bump! After a while my Hackintosh froze for the first time after lots of...

    Is anyone else experiencing issues since upgrading?

    Hey everyone! This is more or less a sanity check. Has anyone else been having more frequent freezing or kernel panics after they've done a direct upgrade from El Capitan to Sierra on their Hackintosh? And I mean random crashes, like when you're watching a video or doing something that El...
  17. macdude1

    Trackpad gets freezing often

    Hello, I am having Synaptics touchpad with the latest VoodooPS2Controller.kext installed. Touch pad often gets freezed and I have to use my mouse to restart the system to get it working. Please help me resolve the problem. ' Thank you
  18. HedgieMatty

    Random Freezing on Yosemite

    I built my hackintosh (dual boot windows and mac) about a year ago and began using the mac boot all the time. The only time I booted into windows was if I wanted to play a windows only game for example. The issue I have is that at random points the mac boot will freeze. I'll be doing any task...
  19. cyon78

    Power Management Issue - is this thread still valid?

    Hello I have successfully got my Hackintosh running as it was back in October 2015 and can access the desktop YAY! :thumbup: It keeps hanging and freezing if any power state comes into effect UN-YAY! :thumbdown: Hi guys i found this thread...
  20. isaac103

    Webcam Freezes A Few Seconds After Using FaceTime, Photo Booth, etc

    As the name says, every time I attempt to use Facetime, Photo Booth, or any other application which involves the use of the webcam, the webcam will freeze up after a few seconds. This is becoming extremely frustrating and I have no clue as to how to fix it. Here are my specs for my Hackintosh...