1. maxitenia

    Installation Freeze over Lenovo L430

    Hi, I want to install Big Sur/Catalina in my Lenovo L430 (specs at bottom) the problem is when press install in the Opencore boot menu nothing happens, the notebook freeze, almost the same with clover just the diference is clover stuck after de "++++++++++++" bar. OpenCore 0.9.0: -Kext...
  2. wavecraftproject

    Monterey freezes audio problems?

    Hi I've a new built running Monterey in OC bootloader....All is ok but I need to restart the system 2/3 times because when playback the audio my RME fireface 800 interface goes crazy with saturation, clipping or granular sound and some times after 15/30 minutes all system frezees and I need to...
  3. imyellow

    After upgrading to Ventura, there is a freeze when playing videos in safari

    When I use safari to play a youtube video, the video screen will freeze every 5 seconds or so, but the sound will continue to play. After a few seconds of freezing, the video will continue to play normally, but it will freeze again after a few seconds. When there is a freeze, the entire browser...
  4. smatiz

    << Solved >> System halt in upgrade 12.3.1 to 12.5.1 Monterey

    Hi Guys i need your help, I have Monterey with 12.3.1 version, Open Core 083, i upgrade the kext with the latest version , when i try to upgrade to 12.5.1 the system halt with this error message Whats wrong? Thanks for your help!
  5. kSilva

    Frequent Freeze - Crash Report on Reboot

    I'm encountering frequent freezes where my only option to hit the reset button to reboot my machine. When it restarts again, I get the pop-up option to report the problem to Apple. Attached it's a copy of that report. Does this report provide any information on why the computer is freezing and...
  6. SimeJah

    Chrome & spotify freeze & crash problem (R9 380 GPU)

    So I finally got the hackintosh working quite allright. But I wanted to run 4K@60Hz. So I upgraded my GT710 to a Sapphire Nitro R9 380 4GB GPU. However now the system freezes and reboots as soon as I open spotify or chrome. And since they open automatically on login the system freezes and...
  7. Skygold58

    a515-51g-37Z4 install problem

    Hi, It's first time form me that using opencore to install Big sur on my laptptop, it's an acer a515-51g-37Z4 and i have used this repo : to create my efi folder i have add smbios (MacBookPro13,3) with GenSMBIOS. When i want to boot in the...
  8. bluefox06

    System Freeze on Samsung 970 Evo NVMe

    Dear Members, I was using Hackintosh for about 1 year with Crucial MX500 SSD and never face a single issue for all 1 year. 1 month ago I have purchased Samsung 970 Evo 500GB and I replaced that with this NVMe. I only have 1 NVMe no other HDD installed. Last month I saw my system is hanging...
  9. eduardoaguiar

    System freezing for power system problems.

    I have a problem related to freezes on Linux and MacOS systems. The problem is related to my processor, on Linux I managed to solve by putting a parameter in the Kernel using the GRUB "intel_idle.max_cstate = 1". Does anyone know of any way to set this command on the High Sierra? Or some other...
  10. Pablitos19882

    Big sur 11.3 Safari issue

    Hi everybody, I updated my hack to 11.3. However the update went without problems but after update Safari is troubleshooting. When I try to log in to my google account, hack is freezes. After that I have to hard reset whole computer. I have done usb mapping. I disabled iGPU. I have made...
  11. dalhasumai

    Hackintosh suddenly unstable (kernel panics, window server crash, freeze..)

    Hi there, I'm running out of ideas of what is happening here. I've been working on my hackintosh for several years (audio engineering) with perfect stability. Last week, without any additional hardware or software installed, the machine started to randomly reset, displaying a kernel panic...
  12. MJarchive

    Intermittent Freezing on Mojave

    I am currently using Opencore (0.6.7). I have updated my kexts and made sure everything is in line using Sanity Checker but I'm still getting freezing issues even when I'm just internet browsing. I can't move my cursor and the audio output cuts out, which forces me to do a hard reset. I can't...
  13. Gabriele05rizzo

    Random usb and audio freeze but monitor still working

    Hello to all of you, I successfully installed mac os catalina 10.15.7 on my desktop computer...fully working except imessage, facetime, and hardware accelleration (but i think its related to my smbios: imac14,2). Randomly i experienced hard freezes (keyboard don't working, mouse don't working)...
  14. Mattuz

    Catalina freeze on utility tools

    Hi everyone... Yesterday I created a bootable usb for the installation of macOS Catalina. But when I get to the utility tools after 15 seconds it all gets freezed... I attached the EFI folder. Thanks for the help :D
  15. Kivvi

    MacOS Catalina - Freeze (OpenCore)

    Hello friends, i'm trying to install hackintosh for the first time in years. I use opencore 0.6.2 and the attached config.plist. Unfortunately my screen always freeze at this point.. do you have an idea why? Asus Sabertooth Z170 Mark 1 Intel Core i7 6700K Amd R9 Nano ACPI: SSDT-EC-DESKTOP...
  16. Soccer96

    Stuck on Clover Boot / Power failure / Stuck on Apple Loading

    Dear Hack community - would be ever so grateful for some help on this... :) I have been using my Hack just fine for just coming up to a year - however... I turned the unit on three days ago and it just won't boot. No clover screen, no 'beep' at the start - nothing! the strange thing is...
  17. amueed

    Random Freeze

    I have installed High Sierra 10.13.6 on my prebook with 2.1 GHz i3, 8GB ram and HD 3000 intel graphics. I'm facing random freezes. Everything freezes, I could only move the mouse pointer, no clicks no right-clicks the only option is to force shut down. Please help me.
  18. Millstaff

    [SOLVED] Freeze after sleep

    I had a fully working Catalina system, but after I changed my overclocking to default in BIOS, my system won't resume from sleep. It shows me the login-window, but it's frozen. Does anyone have tips on how to troubleshoot this? I attach my config.plist
  19. lorenzopot

    Random Catalina Hackintosh freezing (logs included)

    My Hackintosh randomly freezes. This happens mostly in safari when opening stuff like twitter, or opening the App Store. Running latest Clover, EFI, MacOS version and all Kexts are up to date. - Intel core I5 4670K - Sapphire Radeon HD7950 - MSI Z87-G43 - Samsung 840 EVO - 8GB Corsair Ram...
  20. lorenzopot

    Random freezes, only with certain apps/websites

    So my Hackintosh is running fine, and sometimes will run fine for hours, but a lot of the time it will randomly freeze. I can't do anything on the screen anymore, but I CAN move my cursor. I'm on the latest version of MacOS, Clover, EFI too, and all Kexts like whatever green and Lilu are...